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Social rules

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Social rules. Managing difficult tasks and anger. Scenario. John’s problem: when a tasks is too difficult for him, he is shouting. He is very angry in this case. Solution.

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Social rules

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social rules

Social rules

Managing difficult tasks and anger


John’s problem: when a tasks is too difficult

for him, he is shouting. He is very angry in

this case.


Pedagogical consideration: Accurate definition of the behavioural problem. Choosing the relevant behavioural goal and methods (the behaviour rule is just one element of the solution of the problem).

Analysing the influence to be expected, planning the practical work.

Sharing the plan with the family and the colleagues (why, when and how to use it).

Accurate definition of the behavioural rule: complexity of the language, lengths of the behavioural rule and the phrases to use. Very important, that the text have to be appropriate for the child.

Planning the form of the rule: it would be e.g. written language, written words with pictures, photos, etc.

Planning individual reward.

Operation on CoMe: Create a PT with rule.

Operation on CoMe: Create an appointment on HIPD

Operation on CoMe: Create a reward for getting if the child was successful.

Pedagogical work: Practice with the child.

Duration: 30 minutes on CoMe (the time of practicing depends on the child)


The reward is always individualised, not necessarily presented on the phone.

We can help the self-monitoring: he/she can check own behaviour.

Always use positive sentences (avoid „no”, „not to do”).

See the overview of tunnels ”Which pedagogical challenges can be solved better or more efficient?”


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J. Clements –E. Zarkowska: Behavioural Concerns and Autism Spectrum Disorders 2000 JKP UK