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Kidney Stones Symptoms, What Causes Kidney Stones, Stone In Kidney, Struvite Stones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on\nI learned that there is an alternative to the methods widely used in conventional medicine.\n\nThe real tragedy is that those methods are not yet well known.\n\nKidney stones affect all sorts of people. Men and women, young and old; we are all at risk.\n\nThere are various reasons why this knowledge is not yet widely available andthis is what I discovered as part of my research.\n\nThere is an awful lot of money involved in the treatment and diagnosis of kidney stones.\n\nYou’ve got prescriptions, clinical fees, expensive painkillers, the latest imaging techniques, radiologists, anaesthetists, surgery fees, over the counter medication. This all costs money.\n\nI’m not saying there’s an actual conspiracy but I would urge you to stop and think for a second.\n\nThink of all those people who are paid to treat your kidney stones.\n\nIs it really in their best interests to actually go out and find a cheap and natural cure that works?\n\na quick and safe way to cure kidney stones. click here.\n\n

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Kidney Stones: A Problem You Don´t Have To Live With Any


Everyone’s Got Their Own Story About Their Battle With

Kidney Stones.

This Is Something I Learned When Conducting My Extensive

Research Into The Problem.

Kidney Stones Are Those Little By-products Of The Body’s

Process Forcleaning The Blood.

Waste Products In The Blood Can Build Up Over Time And

Can Crystallize Into Hard Little Lumps.

These Lumps Can Then Build Up In The Kidney.

If These Lumps Get Stuck In The Tubes Leading From Your

Kidney; That’s When You Get Problems.

There Are Several Different Types Of Kidney Stone And You May Have Even

Been Told Which One You Have. These Include:

Calcium Stones

Struvite Stones

Uric Acid Stones

Cystine Stones

Whatever Type Of Kidney Stones You Have Been Diagnosed With, They All

Have At Least One Thing In Common; They Can Cause Terrible Pain.

Finally Revealed Cure Kidney Stones May Have Even

Naturally In Just 2 Weeks! Click Here