vintage moroccan rugs a modern look with n.
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The Trendsetter – Moroccan Wedding Blanket PowerPoint Presentation
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The Trendsetter – Moroccan Wedding Blanket

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The Trendsetter – Moroccan Wedding Blanket - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Although there are numerous reasons for Moroccan wedding blankets to be the favorite of masses, but one of the main reason is the unique and excellent combination of design and colors.

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The Trendsetter – Moroccan Wedding Blanket

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vintage moroccan rugs a modern look with

Vintage Moroccan Rugs-A Modern Look With the Traditional Cultural


The surge in reputation of the vintage Moroccan rugs is evident from top interior designers to top

fashion houses like Tory Burch who have showcased these minimalist rugs in their recent collections.

Many stylish professionals have resorted to these customary African craft rugs that offer a

minimalist contemporary finish to a home’s décor.

It’s not a surprise that prominent designers of the mid-century like Le Corbusier and designers of

today like Markham Roberts are attracted to these African rugs. The options for these rugs range

from psychedelic look-alike shag rugs of the 1960’s that were characterized by a vibrant and lush

appearance to modern palettes of charcoal and cream with geometric and spare patterns. These

rugs are cozy but artful; unfussy yet luxurious. And their backbone is their indigenous authenticity.

They offer today’s most stylish homeowners comfort and elegance, and the fact that they can be

found in a combination of a lots of color makes it even easier for individuals to find one that fits their

room design scheme.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs are Generational

Most merchants of Moroccan rugs for sale attribute the popularity of these pieces to their ability to

integrate flawlessly with contemporary trends for home decoration. From eclectic bohemian spaces

to innovative mid-century inspired room designs, to spare industrial interiors; there is no limit to

what you can achieve with a piece of Moroccan rug.

Although the fresh feel and look of vintage Moroccan rugs harmonizes gorgeously with the

aesthetics of modern homes, the tradition of their weaving can be dated back to 622AD in North

Africa, West of the Nile valley.

The Moroccan Berber tribes, from whom these mats have been named, are a nomadic group of

people whose origin is North Africa. According to their culture, the women of these tribes were

taught looping techniques, familial patterns, and color schemes right from when they’re young girls.

In fact, according to these people, the rugs have no history since the techniques for mat weaving

were carried out from grandmothers to mothers to girls.

Children watched the process by which their mothers intricately designed the pieces, which were

mainly used for home purposes like as house coverings and blankets in the cold winters.

Variety in Moroccan Rugs

The nomadic nature of the Berber tribes on Morocco caused weavers to develop different types of

rugs to adapt to differences in climatic changes. These people experienced both the snowy-cold

climate of the Atlas mountain ranges and the arid-hot climate of the Sahara desert. Moroccan rugs

for sale thus come in a variety of designs and patterns. The thin, low-pile kilims were designed for

use in the hot climates while the high-pile, fluffy rugs like the Beni Ourain used as winter wear in

cold mountains.

Rich Designs and Motifs

The Moroccan tribal rugs are rich in motifs and designs. This is because every rug had a rich history

and the weaver embedded their unique styles in them. Some of the rugs are a simple free-form

abstractions that originate from the weaver's imaginations, while others feature tribal symbols that

are easy to single out.