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Ultimate step towards Keyword Analysis

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Ultimate step towards Keyword Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keyword Research as we all know is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

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Presentation Transcript

Ultimate step towards Keyword Analysis

Keyword Research as we all know is an important aspect of Search Engine

Optimization. You would be aware of how happy businesses might be when they

find a huge list of keywords which offers them enhanced opportunities to grow

their business by targeting them. If better keyword research is done, then there

are greater chances that you will come across some easiest keywords which

could be of immense help to grow your business online.

But the confusing part for businesses is more about which of the keyword they

should select first and which keyword should they opt to give second most

priority. Especially if you are running a business website, then you might be

publishing a maximum of one to two blogs a month. This means not all the

keyword that has been researched could be included within these two blog

posts. The only solution would be to ‘prioritize’. You will be able to give more

priority for certain keywords that would be more suitable for your business.

Let’s take a closer look on the 4 most important steps that can be followed for

analyzing the keywords that you come up with before deciding which of the

keywords you would like to pursue with.

Better Organizing of Keywords is Essential

You should not think of using keyword research and analysis altogether and

randomly giving keywords as an input in to the tools and analyzing them is not


at all desirable. This is where the relevance of organizing of keywords comes in

to effect. It is always desirable to make use of a spreadsheet using which the

keywords could be placed in a single column. The next step should be to get the

data regarding the search volumes that each and every keyword receives and

this data could be obtained by simply copy and pasting the keyword in to tools

such as Keyword Planner.

Analyze your Budget

How far you would be able to invest in keyword research is one thing that you

will have to consider before even taking a look at the keywords. It is preferable

to get some realistic terms which can get a steady traffic rather than choosing

highly competitive terms for which your website might not receive traffic at all.

With the budget you have, you will have to get a person who can write quality

content and another SEO expert who could do the promotion. You will have to

think benefits on a long term and think of investing the budget by dividing it in

to six portions rather than investing heavily in the beginning and then reducing

the investment if you do not get the desired results. You can also get hold of the

content and promotion yourself or someone within your team and understand

the time you might require as consistency is very essential. You should also have

a clear understanding of your expectations. For example, how much you wish to

rank so as to be successful or the amount of traffic that is required according to

the resources you would have spent for marketing as well as SEO. It is not good

to expect some big results within a small budget. If you are thinking of such big

results with the minimum budget you have, then it is good to rethink on the

budget and available manpower or you should reduce your expectations.

Understand the level of competition for each Keyword

This is among the most important aspects during keyword research. You should

understand the level of competition for each of the keyword. Thus you will be

able to know how difficult it would be to rank in the top 3 listings for a specific

keyword in Google. You should create a column on spreadsheet and assign a

competition value manually for each of those keywords. This can be performed

through either General categories namely easy, relatively easy, average, hard,

very hard etc or specific numbers such as from a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 in which

the highest numbers defines tougher competition and lower numbers defines

less competition for the keyword. Another way would be to check the

performance of a keyword and its competition by making use of tools that are

capable of measuring the competition by checking automatically.

Have a basic understanding of Mathematics

Scores would tell how the keywords have to be prioritized. A few aspects have to

be taken in to consideration while choosing the keywords. The keywords should

be the one with lesser competition and a lot of traffic has to be expected

especially if the ranking of your website goes higher. Similarly the keyword


should not have a competition that exceeds your budget and such kind of

keywords should be given less priority. Atleast a minimum amount of traffic is

also expected. The more the priority score is, the more you should consider

those keywords.


Thus you could see the above mentioned steps can go a long way in getting the

best results for your business through keyword research and analysis. Ensure

the keyword analysis that you make are always right and take the steps forward

based on the keyword analysis.

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