The importance of dashboards in a sales force automation system
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The Importance of Dashboards in a Sales Force Automation Sys - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Sales Force Automation System dashboard aims to put across useful data on a single screen shot for use by the management to decipher history, guesstimate trends and make useful forecasts. A real time SFA dashboard gives a clear quick picture of the status of orders and the efficiency of the sales force itself. Corrective actions can be planned when needed based on the dashboard analysis proving to be a savior in most of the cases by enabling corrective actions.

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The importance of dashboards in a sales force automation system

The Importance of Dashboardsin a Sales Force Automation System

The tasks of a sfa dashboard
The Tasks of a SFA Dashboard

  • To display useful data on a single screen shot

  • Allow to decipher and make useful forecasts based on

    • History

    • Guesstimates

    • Trends

  • Give a clear quick picture of the on goings

  • Allow to track sales force efficiency

  • Help to plan corrective actions

The intelligent use of data sources
The Intelligent use of Data Sources

  • Sales Force Automation Systems have varied data sources which are used to tap the data to be deciphered

    • Websites

    • Online Inquiries

    • Trend Meters

    • Market Watches

Business intelligence tools
Business Intelligence Tools

  • Business Intelligence tools provide meaningful information for Dashboard displays of Sales Force Automation Systems

    • To Project & Forecast Business

    • Generate Leads

    • Integrate with

      • Customer Relation Management

      • Social Media

      • Cloud

A good dashboard design team
A Good Dashboard Design Team

  • A SFA Dashboard needs to be designed, planned and shaped very logically with the help of various people

    • Upper Level Management

    • Field Force Staff

    • Marketing Personnel

    • UI/UX Designers

SFA Dashboards Pursuits

  • Present Visual Data

    • Sales

    • Orders

    • Trends

  • Measure Performances

    • Sales Person wise

    • Area wise

    • Region wise

  • Act as a Powerful Reporting Tool

    • Pictorial Reports

    • Visual Comparisons

    • Insight into the system in a nutshell

    • Drill Downs

SFA Dashboards Pursuits

  • An all in one tool for

    • Trend Analysis

    • Decision Making

    • Strategizing

    • Corrective Actions

Top Tips to Create A Useful SFA Dashboard

  • Do not overwhelm the audience

  • Plan & Prioritize the Dashboard

  • Proper Use of Graphics

  • Prudent Chart Design

The Success of a SFA Dashboard

  • Simplicity

  • Clarity

  • Efficiency

  • Communication to the user

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