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Sales Associate Job Description

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Sales Associate Job Description

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  1. Sales Associate Job Description How to get started on your sales associate career. Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a sales associate!

  2. Before we begin, here are a few facts: • Employment opportunities in this field are excellent. • This is the perfect job for people of all skill levels. • Young adults with college experience have a good opportunity to advance into management positions.

  3. Salesassociates are recognizable to anyone who’s walked into a store. • Chances are that you’ve encountered an associate. • They are the general store workers who do everything. • A sales associate’s job also may include administrative duties such as preparing the store for opening or closing.

  4. Two aspects of managing inventory: stock and store floor. • A sales associate may unload trucks. • A sales associate will be involved in labeling items. • Sales associates are expected to carry out price modifications (like retagging labels). • Associates arrange the merchandise on the store floor.

  5. Sales associates are also involved in setting up postersand display cases. • You know the kind: “For sale!”; “50% off!”; “New arrivals!” etc. • Every once in a while, sales associates will help out in shuffling furniture around.

  6. The sales associate is in charge of maintaining the store’s presentation. • Replenishingthe inventory stock on the store floor. • Reorganizing things shoppers move around. • Refolding clothes. • Keeping a clean and tidy store front.

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