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Australia population-map-generational-profile-2015 infographic-mccrindle

This year Australia’s population will reach 24 million!<br>Our population growth rate (1.6%) means that we are growing by 364,800 people each year! Net overseas migration accounts for more than half (58%) of this growth, while the remaining 42% is accredited to natural increase.<br>Sydney is home to the most Aussie’s (almost 5 million), followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.<br>There are 9.1 million households in Australia, and on average 2.6 people live in them.<br>The median age of Australian’s today is 37.3, and our life expectancy is around 82 years old.<br>Aussies are most likely to get married in their late twenties (29.1) and become parents in their early thirties (31.9). Our fertility rate (1.9) is even higher than the OECD average (1.7)!<br><br>OUR GENERATIONAL PROFILE<br><br>Australia is made up of 6 generations, spanning those in their 80’s and above (the Builders) to our newborns today (Generation Alpha). Each generation has grown up in a definitive time of unique challenge and opportunity, and how the times have changed! For example, while just 1 in 10 Builders obtained a university degree, half of our emerging generation Alpha’s are predicated to do the same.<br><br>WHAT WE DO<br><br>At McCrindle, our expertise is analysing findings and effectively communicating insights and strategies. Our skills are in designing and deploying world class social and market research. Our purpose is advising organisations to respond strategically in changing times. As social researchers we help organisations, brands and communities know the times.

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Australia population-map-generational-profile-2015 infographic-mccrindle

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  1. Australia population-map-generational-profile-2015 infographic-mccrindle

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