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What is …. MCJC. What is MCJC?. KCrawford 05. Montgomery County Junior Councils (MCJC) is the middle school, county-level student government organization that represents the students of Montgomery County's thirty-eight middle schools. MCJC. MCJC.

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What is

What is …


What is MCJC?

KCrawford 05

Montgomery County Junior

Councils (MCJC) is the middle

school, county-level student

government organization that

represents the students of

Montgomery County's thirty-eight

middle schools.



MCJC provides a forum for students to express concerns and take a stand on important issues.


MCJC strives to facilitate communication between middleschools.


MCJC strives to provide an effective, enjoyable environment to bring about positive change for students.

Mcjc s mission statement
MCJC’s Mission Statement

The mission of MCJC is to create a countywide representative body for all middle school students in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Mcjc s mission statement1
MCJC’s Mission Statement

This organization seeks to: voice a collective opinion of students on county affairs; promote communications between schools and MCJC; increase the effectiveness of the individual student councils by facilitating leadership workshops; and initiate and promote improvement and activities for middle school students.

Mcjc s mission statement2
MCJC’s Mission Statement

MCJC will encourage communication between members of the Executive Board and each middle school’s Student Government Association (SGA), develop leadership skills, and put into action ideas frommember schools.

What does mcjc do
What does MCJC Do?

MCJC hosts six General Assemblies, where students from across the county meet together. The MCJC executive board, consisting of elected officers, appointed staff, and middle school student government presidents and/or other representatives from schools, meets on a regular basis.

What does mcjc do1
What does MCJC Do?

At general assemblies, we have small group "breakout" sessions:

breakouts allow students to meet in a smaller setting and discuss a variety of topics.

What does mcjc do2
What does MCJC Do?

  • MCJC represents middle school students and provides leadership in a variety of ways.

  • Speakers at general assemblies: invited speakers share their views and inform general assembly participants of current issues. Leaders in the fields of education, politics, etc., share their wisdom with students, as well as generating questions and opinions from the general assembly.

•Legislation at general assemblies: delegates write legislation and take action on issues that affect students.

What does mcjc do3
What does MCJC Do?

MCJC Lobbies: lobbying activities are facilitated on the county and state levels. MCJC delegates testify at Board of Education meetings during the public testimony and

participate in the Maryland Association of Student Councils legislative lobbying day.

What does mcjc do4
What does MCJC Do?

MCJC Leadership Development: through various workshops, leadership skills are taught and reviewed.

What does mcjc do5
What does MCJC Do?

MCJC strongly supports and participates in the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC), executive board meetings, Middle School Leadership Conference, Legislative Session, BOE Dinner & Educational Forum, and Convention.

Mcjc s goals1
MCJC’s Goals

…to have membership from all of the middle schools in Montgomery County Public Schools

Mcjc s goals2
MCJC’s Goals

…to encourage the active involvement of all member schools

Mcjc s goals3
MCJC’s Goals

…to regularly conduct leadership activities during MCJC General Assemblies

Mcjc s goals4
MCJC’s Goals

…to encourage effective communication between the MCJC Executive Board and member schools

Mcjc s goals5
MCJC’s Goals

…to encourage middle school MCJC representatives to report the activities of their student government association to MCJC

Mcjc s goals6
MCJC’s Goals

…to take action on ideas, activities and legislation discussed and passed in the General Assembly

How to be involved in mcjc
How to be Involved in MCJC

  • There are a variety of ways for students to be involved in MCJC.

  • Attending General Assemblies - Schools are encouraged to send their fully allotted delegate slate. Delegation numbers are based on the number of students enrolled in the member school (as specified in the MCJC Bylaws). Schools are required to register for a bus pick up about 15 days before the meeting. Due to space limits, only voting delegates plus a few observers from each school may attend. General Assembly registration begins at 10:00am. The meeting is 10:30am to 12:15 p.m. Lunch is from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.

How to be involved in mcjc1
How to be Involved in MCJC

  • Other ways for students to be involved in MCJC. • Serve as a MCJC staff member. MCJC staff applications are accepted in the spring of each school year for the upcoming year.

  • Represent your school at MCJC Executive Board meetings. Any interested student may attend the executive board meetings. MCJC values all student opinion, input, and help in planning general assemblies and discussing county issues.

  • Participate in Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) events. (Every school receives information from MASC, the state-level, secondary student government organization.)


MCJC's web site is regularly updated. The URL is: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/studentaffairs/sga/mcjc

What is MCJC?

KCrawford 05