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Hybrid Operating Room PowerPoint Presentation
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Hybrid Operating Room

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Hybrid Operating Room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hybrid Operating Room. IASI, 2009 Dominique Schwarz Siemens Healthcare. Latest trend. The latest trend in cardiovascular surgery is the development of hybrid treatment strategies for any given set of cardiovascular lesions. Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation

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Hybrid Operating Room

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    1. Hybrid Operating Room IASI, 2009 Dominique Schwarz Siemens Healthcare

    2. Latest trend • The latest trend in cardiovascular surgery is the development of hybrid treatment strategies for any given set of cardiovascular lesions. • Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation • Thoracic Aortic Surgery and Stenting • Hybrid Coronary Revascularization

    3. Hybrid procedures • Hybrid procedures are the combination of minimally invasive surgery with endoluminal techniques arranged in one setting. • The aim of hybrid procedures are • To minimize procedural and patient risk • To optimize success rates • To enhance complication management • To advance workflow efficiency

    4. Hybrid operation rooms • A Hybrid Operation Room is a special constructed environment that meets the requirements for interdisciplinary work to provide the best out of two worlds for the patients‘ demands. • A Hybrid Operation Room stands for the combination of imaging equipment in an sterile operating theatre.

    5. Modality of choice • The modality of choice is a fix-mounted, powerful Angiography System with excellent and reliable Image Quality and 3D-imaging capabilities.

    6. Artis Zeego provides: Unlimited patient access for everyone in the room High-grade flexibility for no interference Floor-mounted device to meet hygenic requirements Left and right imaging positions and full body coverage Various parking positions when imaging is not needed

    7. Integrated table solutions • With a variety of integrated table solutions a hybrid room serves as traditional imaging lab as well as traditional operating theatre at the same time without any limitations to each other.

    8. DynaCT Imaging Segmentation Flouro Overlay Measurement Workflow solutions • Integrated workflowsolutions tailored to dedicated hybrid procedures based on minimized user interaction and automated segmentation and measurement tools support surgeons and interventionalists during hybrid procedures.

    9. 3D Imaging solutions • 3D DynaCT imaging directely in the Hybrid OR enables pre- and postoperative evaluation and guidance during device placement.

    10. 10% biplane mobile 13% zeego 42% floor 8% ceiling 28% Cardiac surgery Vascular surgery Neuro surger Others (abd., exper.) Experience • We gained experience with > 170 Hybrid-OR installations worldwide in the past two years. • Artis Zeego is the dominating Imaging system in Hybrid ORs with 42% in 2009.

    11. Partnership • With excellent clinical / industrial partnerships we can support innovations and simultaneously keep pace with rapid medical and technical developments to achieve better outcomes. • „thinking hybrid“

    12. Congratulations ! to your Hybrid-OR and Good Luck ! for your cardiovascular program

    13. DynaCT workflow im Hybrid-OP • Real-time overlay und Guidance • Aortenklappen Implantate Sapiens Edwards Core valve Ventor Embracer

    14. Thorakale Aorta durch retrograde oder antegrade Stentimplantation mit oder ohne Aortenbogenrekonstruktion oder Gefässtransposition Thorako-abdomineller Übergang 3D-Bildgebung (Dyna-CT) im Hybrid-Raum • Roberto Chiesa, MD et. Al. J Vasc Surg. 2007 Jun;45(6):1128-35

    15. Hybrid Koronarrevaskularisation

    16. Modern hybrid coronary revascularization refers to a 1-stop CABG/PCI in a hybrid room in 1 setting, and is based on the excellent results on LIMA-LAD grafts and DES PCI in non-LAD vessels.