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by taylor james roo n.
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  1. By: Taylor James Roo ADOLF EICHMANN

  2. Childhood Was born on March 19, 1906 in a small town called Solingen Germany When he was little they moved to Austria Germany after his mom died He never had a happy childhood

  3. Adolf had dark hair and in school was made fun of for looking like a Jew Adolf never passed High School in his teen years and went to get a job where he worked for his dads small mining company and electrical construction company

  4. He went to school to try to become an engineer but he failed all of his classes

  5. Served as an SS officer Adolf became an officer that was in charge of running all the trains to ship the Jews of to be killed at a concentration camp He took grate pride in killing 6 million European Jews

  6. His job was to try to eliminate the Jewish race He was one of the sick, twisted people that helped design the horrendous ways to eliminate the Jews

  7. He loved his job at the concentration camps He gave up the chance to become rich and instead chose to do this evil job

  8. The capture of Adolf Eichmann After the war all the officers tried to hide but most were sought out by the Jewish Brigade of the British Army The were captured and tried at Nuremberg however many escaped

  9. Adolf was lucky enough to escape from the trial He hid in Europe until 1950 then escaped to Argentina His family followed him after 3 years

  10. Adolf Eichmann changed his name to Ricardo Klement when he moved He lived in a small town called San Fernando next to Buenos Aires and he worked in a metal factory In 1953 he moved his family to Buenos Aires and in 1959 was hired at Mercedes Benz

  11. In 1957 Walter Eytan at the Israeli Foreign Ministry received a call stating that Eichmann was living in Argentina then he immediately alerted Isser Harel the head of the Mossad Harel then came up with a plan to capture Adolf

  12. On May 11, 1960 Harel and his team captured and flew Eichmann to Israel Adolf Eichmann stood trial for all his crimes in 1961 He was hanged in 1961 after his trial

  13. In conclusion Adolf was a clever man who had no morals and value for life He thought and treated the Jews like they were animal and not human His execution was a fair and just punishments for all the horrendous crimes he committed