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Tips for Innovative and Cost-Effective Marketing

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Tips for Innovative and Cost-Effective Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every business and event whether new or existing requires cost-effective marketing. Keep the costs down is the mantra on every business owners and event organiser\'s lips.

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Tips for Innovative and Cost-Effective


Every business and event whether new or existing requires cost-effective

marketing. Keep the costs down is the mantra on every business owners and

event organiser's lips. So how exactly do you

undertake cost-effective marketing but still

manage the get the biggest bang for the money?

Read on.

At the absolute core of the “how” is need to being


understanding how the customer of today

reacts, what they see and accept and most

importantly, where to find them.

The Business Schools will tell you that marketing means giving your

prospective consumers a product or service that they may not even

yet realise they need. How? By creating the need in the minds of your

prospective customer.

B-Schools today have added a new precision weapon in marketers formidable

arsenal -it is called customer focused 'content strategy'; i.e. creating content

that perfectly complements the products or services that are offered. Content

strategy is built on the three pillars of feedback, advocacy, and support. These

three pillars in turn are embedded in










consuming content.

A key marketing tool is innovation

and B-School professors love to

narrate the story of a manufacturer of

T-Shirts who was struggling with sales until one day, his son while looking at a

design in a magazine said, “Wish I could print this design on my T-Shirt”.

In a World crowded with retailers, manufacturers and service providers; the

sales battle is won by offering innovations that improve customer experience.

For instance, at the height of recession and job insecurity, Hyundai not only





started offering its vehicles on instalment payments but also assured its

customers that if they lost their job within a year of purchase of their vehicle,

they could return it without any financial penalties.

In more recent and currently highly competitive environment, Virgin America

created a focus group program called 'VX Next', which was a group of 30

frequent flyers who were also entrepreneurs. Their role was to generate ideas

for Virgin America in return for

flyer rewards. Being fliers as well as

entrepreneurs, they were intimate

with both sides of the coin – user

experience and the need for cost-

effectiveness. The VX Next group

resulted in some highly innovative

marketing strategies.

A stellar example in use of technologies in cost-effective Lead Generation

Campaign innovation was achieved by Netflix; the producer of TV content and

premier online video streaming platform. Their innovative and cost-effective

Online Lead Generation Strategies consisted of implementing data analytics

of consumer viewing behaviour and demand. They termed the process “reverse

engineering Hollywood” and they reaped volumes of data on consumer

insights. In fact, today Netflix possess a stockpile of customer behavioural data

vis-a-viz Hollywood entertainment that is totally unprecedented.

They know exactly what the

current trend is and they know









nobody out there is going to give

you a 1-2-3 kind of “do this” and

“do that” to achieve marketing

bliss. The common thread running

through all these cost-effective

marketing ideas is innovation and one of the key players in this field is right

here in Australia - the Marketing Academy Group. Call them today at +61 (0)

427 255 542 or visit them at