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Principles Of Modern Web Application Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The recent trends in web application development are way different than what they used to be in the earlier days of \ninformation technology.

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Principles of modern web application development





The recent trends in web application development are way different than

what they used to be in the earlier days of

information technology. Past development

principles don’t make any sense today in

front of the new ones that have sprung up,

but not all amongst the new slew are


Here, we’ll explore the principles that really

matter in the realms of modern web

development and are essential to build the

successful applications.

Principle 1: Being productive doesn’t mean creating complex, un-maintainable

applications fast

This is a gray area and answers are not quite as obvious. Productivity shares

a direct relation with speed and there’s a different one required for every app

to be developed. For complex web apps, it will be less; for simpler ones, it

will be more. Trying to speed up the development for complex apps might

Principles of modern web application development

muddle up its specs; worst, it might turn the app completely unusable! Then,

even security might face a setback as well as its power to adapt to future

needs. The list is a long one


So productivity is all about

building an application most

efficiently, which translates to

an even balance between speed

and quality.

Principle 2: Building a quality


A quality application is beyond

just following specs. Rather, it’s an application that’s fit to be used for the

present and also for the future; an app that adapts to the changing faces of

technology. That way, it will be able to solve the users’ long-term needs and

shall grow with the users’ businesses. Plus, another advantage it will carry is

it will be easily maintainable.

Principle 3: Always put the user first

This is almost a no-brainer. Frankly, like any commodity, you got to think of

user acceptability. The constantly developing web has changed the tools and

methodologies with the emergence of newer devices, but this hasn’t changed

the most basic principle, which is

- The user must find it usable!

Getting wrapped-up with latest

technology or putting too many

things together to cut short TAT is

no excuse towards not providing a

great user experience.

Principle 4: Security features

Online assets of any business is

mostly attacked through their

Principles of modern web application development

Web applications and the attackers target authentication protocols, access

controls and all the confidentiality-related data. Common vulnerabilities

(Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection) are exploited and despite it being

common knowledge, it is ignored by

most of the developers. But security is

not something you can add at the end;

it must be built into the W eb Design

Development right from the time you


Authentication mechanisms must be

in place right from the start to secure

data during a transit.





Principle 5: Use Tools

Professional W eb Development is no

more about a specialized focus with a

single language; currently, it’s more of

a jack-of-all-trades thing. Knowledge

about programming languages is as

essential as knowing about web

vulnerabilities; about API integration to creating a responsive design.

J avascript, UX principles or modern architecture – it encompasses all! In

short, web application development is more complex than before, requiring

an ever-evolving skill-set within tighter deadlines. Tools help you achieve

that without sacrificing function, security and functional security.

Principle 6: Must be viewable through multiple types of screens

The range of devices and platforms in today’s world makes it an absolute

necessity. Need not say anything more.

Principle 7: Speedy apps win the race

Again, it’s a no-brainer. None in today’s world can wait for an eternity, so

that’s understood. Make the app handle more data from the sources, for

which, you need to properly optimize your app. Else; it will drive away the

users, which is bad for your business. So there you are! Call these principles

or rules of thumb, but skip just one and your app is a dead horse.