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A Guide to Some Special Edition Mazda Miatas

Let's take a look at some special edition Miatas sold in the U.S. Read on and buy salvage Mazda Miatas @

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A Guide to Some Special Edition Mazda Miatas

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  1. A Guide to Some Special Edition Mazda Miatas Mazda has been operating in America for almost three decades now. One of the most loved car manufacturers in the U.S., Mazda is known for making reliable and affordable cars. If you too are thinking of bringing a Mazda model home but do not have enough money sitting in your account, consider participating in an online insurance auto auction that features salvage Mazda Miata or any other Mazda model for sale. Among the many models launched by the Japanese car maker, the Miata enjoys a cult status and has dedicated Miata clubs all over North America and other parts of the U.S. Designed for those who enjoy the pleasure of driving more than keeping an eye on torque or revs, the Miata is easy to handle, a USP that has helped it survive and thrive in the big bad jungle of sports cars ruled by Italian and German speed demons. Mazda has launched a special edition of Miata almost every year (since it started operating in America). In this post, we take a look at some special edition Miatas sold in the U.S. Read on.

  2. 1. 2008 Special Edition 750 2008 Special edition MIatas were manufactured in the U.S. Painted in unique icy blue color, the car featured a brown leather interior and soft top with unconventional wheels. The LE car was not available with hardtop in the U.S. Around 105 SE cars were sold in Canada, all of them, however, unlike those sold in America, featured a hard top.

  3. 2. 2011 SE Around 750 2011 SE Miatas were manufactured in the U.S. Mazda calls the color of the car dolphin gray mica. The 2011 SE edition was available with the hard top. The car featured bluetooth, HID headlights and satellite radio. Unlike its predecessors known for their no-frills design, the car has a sportier tuning and a suspension package. The car has a stylish leather interior and was launched in two different exterior colors.

  4. 3. 2012 PRHT SE Based on the PRHT Miata, around 450 2012 SE cars were manufactured in the U.S. The car was available in two colors: pearl white and velocity red. The car featured unique black wheels and top. Though there were no performance upgrades, the SE car featured a stylish dark colored leather interior. The car has a manual transmission.

  5. 4. 2015 25th Anniversary Edition Only 100 of these beauties were manufactured in the U.S. The 25th Anniversary edition cars were painted in soul red metallic, which was tried first time on a Miata. To give the SE car a more sporty look, Mazda used contrasting gunmetal wheels, a dark colored hard top and an interior colored in white. The SE cars were sold out in just 10 minutes. Be a Part of the Legacy These are some of the many Mazda Miata SE cars sold in the U.S. Though no longer in production, these and other SE cars are auctioned frequently at salvage auto auctions. If you want one, participate in an online insurance auto auction. Before putting your money down, prepare for the car to be towed to your location as salvage titled cars cannot be driven legally.

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