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How Can I Fix Yahoo Signup Issues? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can I Fix Yahoo Signup Issues?

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How Can I Fix Yahoo Signup Issues? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fix your Yahoo signup issues manually if you are unable to do at that time you should contact yahoo customer care number 1-855-777-5686 or visit:\n

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Presentation Transcript

How to Fix Yahoo

Sign Up Issues

1-855-777-5686 (US)

+44-800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (Australia)


Allow the Registration Page to load completely: I

Would not recommend you sign up for a Yahoo

account if you have a poor connection

because this might change the content of the

page, consequently change your registration


Ensure the time on your Device is Correct:

Ever seen a Question popped out a Yahoo

registration asking you;"Are you from the future?",

this question comes up in the side of the carton

where you give them your Birth details and it is a

good example of what would stuck up your

enrollment if the time on your own Device is wrong.

Be certain your time on computer or your device


Use Simple E-mail addresses/IDs with Strong


Your e-mail address should never contain any space between the

characters, any part of the name you might be using to join the account

that is new, and should be kept simple for the span and your use the

password should be nothing less than 8 characters

In case you forget your ID or password:

You'll consistently see this on while Signing up for a new Yahoo account,

make sure that the details you give in Alternative E-Mail(optional), Secret

Question 1 and Secret Question 2 and true and can often be supplied by

you in the event you forget your ID and password

Ensure your Brower's Images are On:

Make sure that the picture view is turned, especially should you be

attempting to sign up using your Mobile since Yahoo Enrollment screens

Security Captcha. This will avoid them telling you'd typed the incorrect

codes in the picture.


For any query,

Contact Yahoo Customer Care,

USA: 1 -855-777-5686

United Kingdom: +44-800-051-3717

Australia: +61-180-082-5192

Canada:1 -855-777-5686

For more info go through the link: