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Risk & Novelty

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Risk & Novelty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Risk & Novelty. Efficiency & Effectiveness. Led government as f irst agency to implement enterprise-wide , cloud-based development platform Consolidated 1,751 legacy tools to less than 100 cloud-based applications

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Presentation Transcript

Risk & Novelty

Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Led government as first agency to implement enterprise-wide, cloud-based development platform
  • Consolidated 1,751 legacy tools to less than 100 cloud-based applications
  • Transitioned from standard waterfall project management to an Agile hybrid model, leading to 75% improvement in development milestone adherence and reducing overhead
  • Reduced5-year total cost of ownership by over 92%, cost avoidance of $9M in first 40 apps
  • Avoided $600K in renewed O&M costs by utilizing agile development/hybrid SDLC and developing strong standards to make reuse and shared services the preferred strategy
  • Developed 5-day turnaround on app-level ATOs via streamlined (and auditable) security process
  • Created Platform Management Team, Cloud Center of Excellence, and Technical Review Board to allow for rapid, data-driven decisions

Collaboration & Engagement

Transferability & Scalability

  • Implemented agency-wide and cross-governmental collaboration platform that promotes broad coalition building and reduces travel and on site work- to date, 45,000+ posts to enterprise social collaboration tool
  • Brought together diverse group of agency stakeholders across siloed offices through Integrated Project Teams
  • Leveraged employee crowd-sourcing via "Great Idea Hunt" to generate 632 ideas and over 20k votes, resulting in $5.5M of immediate savings
  • Enabled frictionless collaboration in a virtual environment using cloud-based business tools
  • Integrated over 17,000 total users in over 1500 online communities
  • Developed 26 apps in 6 months, and reduced agile development lifecycle timeframe by 75%
  • Demonstrated agency’s ability to share code and apps with other agencies - 2 apps lifted and shifted to HHS, EOP
  • Enabled unlimited infrastructure growth to include expansion into multi-agency shared services space through cloud-based architecture

Risk & Novelty:

Generating Measurable Outcomes

  • 20+ year old platform
  • 1,700+ legacy apps
  • 12+ app platforms
  • 10+ collaboration platforms
  • 200+ distributed servers
  • Little enterprise governance
  • No data/intelligence
  • Dozens of logins
  • Very high O&M costs
  • Rationalized to 100 cloud, social, mobile apps
  • 90%+ reduction in 5 Year TCO per app
  • $10M in cost avoidance for first 26 applications
  • $600,000 saved in O&M costs
  • 100,000+ posts and comments
  • Enterprise-wide governance
  • High mobility and scalability

Efficiency & Effectiveness:

GSA’s Cloud-based Approach

High Agility

Competitive Intelligence

Low Capital Outlay

Strategic focus

Strategic Partner


Agility engine

“Brain of the biz”




Business Capability

Role of IT




Utility Provider

“Keep lights on”

Cost Center

Order taker

Technical Debt

Operational focus

Low Agility

Large Capital Outlay

Higher risk

Legacy Burdens


IT Stack

collaboration engagement fully mobile fully f lexible and fully c onnected
Collaboration & Engagement: Fully Mobile, Fully Flexible, and Fully Connected
  • 800 projects managed across GSA
  • Transparency
  • Executive views
  • Task management
  • Follow projects
  • Record based Chatter
  • Standardization
  • Managing taxpayer dollars

Project Central

Audit trails


Mobile ready

Universal Search

Interactive Dashboards

Metrics and Measures

Task Management

  • 632 Ideas
  • 20,000 votes and comments
  • $5.5M in immediate savings
  • through top 5 ideas
  • 40additional ideas being considered
  • Additional savings anticipated
  • R10 and R4 regional campaigns
  • External Ideation

Great Ideas Hunt

Group Discussions

Universal Search



Find Expertise

Workflow and Approvals

transferability scalability igniting and enabling i nnovation a cross the g overnment
Transferability & Scalability:Igniting and Enabling InnovationAcross the Government
  • Health and Human Services & Federal Dept of Agriculture: Spend Tracker and Project Central
  • Inter-agency working groups set up for agencies interested in following GSA’s path
  • Executive Office of the President: Correspondence Tracking
  • All appsare available to government and private sector
  • Every government agency uses data from new FedRAMP app to inform cloud implementation initiatives and planning
  • All common services were reused from existing systems
  • Our application development model was designed with a "zero server" approach, eliminating all on-premise servers
  • Agile development process allows for rapid deployment and scaling:
  • Base platform implemented in 90 days from kickoff
  • Deployed an average of 6-10 applications per 6 week sprint
  • Reduced agile development lifecycle timeframe by 75%
  • Integrated over 17,000 total users in over 1500 online communities