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OCLC Update ILLiad Conference

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OCLC Update ILLiad Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCLC Update ILLiad Conference. Virginia Beach . 26 March 2010. Katie Birch Portfolio Director – Delivery Services OCLC. Headlines . News Development projects Future projects. Team changes. Tony Melvyn WCRS Christa Starck Navigator Jennifer Corsi Policies Directory

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Presentation Transcript
oclc update illiad conference

OCLC UpdateILLiad Conference

Virginia Beach

26 March 2010

Katie Birch

Portfolio Director – Delivery Services




Development projects

Future projects

team changes
Team changes

Tony Melvyn WCRS

Christa Starck Navigator

Jennifer Corsi Policies Directory

Ed Davidson Navigator/VDX

John Trares ILLiad hosting

Julie Nye Analyst

policy directory since the install
Policy directory – since the install

More than 10 fixes applied based on feedback after install

3 webinars – 725 attendees

“Real-time” supplier status – in testing

policy directory since the install1
Policy directory – since the install

Fix to edit modal/pop up due to customer complaints about part of window being cut off

Fix to handle secure http links (links from PD with https weren’t opening correctly)

Add symbol display to PD header so that it is visible at all times in UI

Add ‘more’ (jump to) links on Fees section of Profile screen to make it easier for users to get to full Policy detail

UI display changes for ‘International Lender’ display on Profile screen. 

Fix for loan period display on Profile when institution had multiple period types (days, weeks, months)

Fix for lower case symbol link from ILLiad (Upper case symbols were pulling up correct profile, but lower case symbols were just logging the user into PD but not pulling up the profile of the library)

Policies edit form correction – added error message if user clicks to add a detail but doesn’t fill in any data

Fix to Registry update job – not all data was being updated

working closely with our users
Working closely with our users

Sharing best practices

greening ill
Greening ILL



greening ill with dennis massie
Greening ILL with Dennis Massie

Thursday, 6 May, 2-3 pm EDT (UTC 18:00): Greening ILL with Dennis Massie

 Register here:




resource sharing survey
Resource Sharing Survey




best practices
Best Practices



end user services web scale home delivery
End User Services:Web Scale Home delivery

You are searching on the Web and you find a book you want. You have the easy one-click option to have this item delivered to you from a library for a small fee -- a fee that covers the cost of shipping. A postage-paid envelope would be provided to return the book to your library.

How valuable would this service be to you?

value of content delivery service

More than 2/3 of respondents find the content delivery service presented to be at least somewhat valuable.

© Harris Interactive

Value of Content Delivery Service

Q2000 How valuable would this service be to you?

Base: Qualified respondents

home delivery service
Home delivery service
  • 75% of those who find it valuable would use the return envelope to send the item back
  • More than half of those who are unwilling to or don’t have a library card would be willing to provide a credit card to have an item shipped
  • Major reasons for use: convenience, savings, availability
  • BWB mails book to patron
  • Patron and library receive an email indicating that BWB has supplied the item
  • Patron receives a prepaid return mailer supplied to the patron
  • Insert with every book indicating to patron that the item has been supplied by their library, and details about how to purchase

Eligible home delivery service seeks pilot sites to ensure successful implementation of WorldCat Direct in ILLiad


projects in development1
Projects in Development

The project formerly known as Integrated Fulfilment

direct request for articles
Direct Request For Articles

Enhanced workflow for licensed journal articles

*New* OCLC KnowledgeBase integrated with WorldCat

  • Data ingest being developed for SFX and Serials Solutions initially
  • Used to configure links to licensed articles

*New* License Manager

WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad

No additional subscription required

direct request profile setup
Direct Request Profile Setup

New profile option in Direct Request Profiles for borrower to select preference for articles in Electronic format

borrowing locally held
Borrowing - Locally held?

Phase 1

Phase 2

Know that you own it

Route to review file

Deep link provided

Know that you own it

Route to review file

lending request
Lending request

Multiple OCLC numbers will be displayed

Deep link to article

multiple collections multiple holdings
Multiple collections – multiple holdings

Nature Publishing Group Print and send

WilsonSelectPlusPrint and scan

Cambridge Group Print only

Ingenta hybrid colllection Print and send

LHR Summary for 444556: v.1-(1972)

Lending Policies: Unknown/Unknown

LHR Summary for 88899: v.1-v.4 (1972-1975)

Lending Policies: Unknown/Unknown

lending request1
Lending request

In Phase 1, LMan will only support ILL OK and ILL No settings.  WCRS will only use ILL OK results. 

 In Phase 2, LMan will support ILL OK, ILL No and Silent.  We will allow the library to tell us how they define Silent. 

If silent = No, Silent results will not be used. 

If Silent = Yes, Silent results will be used.

lending request2
Lending request

Instructions will be provided - we are considering

providing a select list of instructions within the

LMAN, such as “print and send” “non-profit only”

“print only”


Phase 1 – May 2010

Phase 2 – August 2010

WCRS and ILLiad available at the same time

thank you to
Thank you to......

The IDS Project

Ohio State University

Penn State University

University of Chicago

North Carolina State University

University of  North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Duke University

University of Central Florida

University of West Florida

University of South Florida

Florida Atlantic University Notre Dame

University of Virginia

policy directory
Policy directory

An internal web service which will be used by ILLiad, VDX and WorldCat Navigator to pull data from the policy directory in to those application

Web page connected to the web service that libraries who have holdings in WorldCat but are not WCRS libraries will be able to use to add their policy information

other stuff
Other stuff!

Deflection enhancements

  • IFM deflection
  • On order item deflection
  • LHR deflection

Answer to the question – “how do our products work with Andrew Pace’s Web Scale Management System?”

oclc update illiad conference1

OCLC UpdateILLiad Conference

Virginia Beach

26 March 2010

Katie Birch

Portfolio Director – Delivery Services