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Mr. evil spoon!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. evil spoon!!!

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Mr. evil spoon!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr. evil spoon!!!. People that hate him. This is what people think about evil spoon. People that don’t like him. People that like to eat with his brothers. So now that you know about Mr. Evil Spoon lets get to the story.

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Presentation Transcript

People that hate him

This is what people think about evil spoon

People that don’t like him

People that like to eat with his brothers


Once upon a time there was a Mr. Evil Spoon and he had evil eyebrows his evil eyebrows were really day on a day Mr. Evil Spoon was being evil and it was so evil that when Mr. Spoon woke up he was taking a bath in a bowl of milk with cereal . His face was being hold in a guy’s hand the guy was 5 years old with a rainbow moustache and he had an afro. Mr. Evil Spoon’s head went in the guy’s mouth and Mr. Evil Spoon’s eyebrows twitched and slid out of the guy’s hand. Then the guy was like hey what you doing spoony my name is Afro Man and you cannot slip from my hand little spoony. Afro Man is crazy and then he was like wait little spoony you don’t want to go in my mouth do you. Then Afro Man put Mr. Evil Spoon on the floor and he grabbed a fork. Then Mr. Evil Spoon took a run for it but Mr. Evil Spoon was very heavy so Mr. Evil Spoon couldn’t get that far so Mr. Evil Spoon just jumped on Afro Man’s rocket and went inside and rode it like crazy and crashed threw the window . Then Mr. Evil Spoon jumped out of the rocket and ate all of the glass on the floor after that the rocket was about to hit Mr. Evil Spoon but Mr. Evil Spoon just looked up and said looky there is a flying thingy. The rocket hit him right in the face and Mr. Evil Spoon said yummy, and then Mr. Evil Spoon went inside the rocket. Mr. Evil Spoon went crazy again but this time the rocket ran over a kitty . The cat was on the rocket with Mr. Evil Spoon and then the cat pressed a button and the cat fell of the rocket. The button that the cat pressed made the rocket and Mr. Evil Spoon shrink and Mr. Evil Spoon crashed again in someone’s nose. The rocket fell out of the nose and Mr. Evil Spoon traveled in the person. Then Mr. Evil Spoon fell and he was in a person’s tummy . He saw things in the tummy he saw candy and pizza and a car and lots of other stuff to , but Mr. Evil Spoon liked the car and he hopped in it the car was yellow and the inside was brown . Mr. Evil Spoon rode the car around the person’s tummy. Then he drove up piles of things inside the person’s tummy.


Then Mr. Evil Spoon was pooped out of the person, but Mr. Evil Spoon was not in a toilet he was in a litter box and he was pooped out by a cat. Then the cat started to talk. Mr. Evil Spoon said I don’t think cats talk. And the cat said well I don’t think spoons talk and I can talk because Afro Man taught me how he also taught me how to fly and poop out rainbows. Mr. Evil Spoon said can you fly me out of here. The cat said only if you say sorry for flying your rocket into my nose. Mr. Evil Spoon said sorry. The cat and Mr. evil Spoon flew away and then Mr. Evil Spoon said are you going back home. The cat said no because Afro Man is crazy. and Mr. Evil Spoon had an evil evilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevil day!!!


Challenge time! Count all words that say evil count it in Mr. Evil Spoon’s name count it on the first slide to the last count it on this page too just count them all then put the number that you got on the padlet and the first person to get it correct gets a prize!!! So if you want a prize start counting!!!


Person who did everything: Aislinn

Awesome person: Aislinn

Evil evilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevilevil