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KECSS Ms. Murren. Outcome: SWBAT explain the functions of government . Mini Lesson. What is the general purpose of the government To provide public goods To protect individual rights To promote a stable legal environment for economic activity

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kecss ms murren

KECSS Ms. Murren

Outcome: SWBAT explain the functions of government

mini lesson
Mini Lesson
  • What is the general purpose of the government
    • To provide public goods
    • To protect individual rights
    • To promote a stable legal environment for economic activity
    • To promote policies that support general well-being of all citizens
mini lesson public goods
Mini Lesson – Public Goods
  • What are public goods? Goods and services that government supplies to its citizens. Ex. Street lights. Public goods are goods and services that can be used by many individuals at the same time without reducing its benefit to individuals.
mini lesson public goods1
Mini Lesson – Public Goods
  • Usually different levels of the government share responsibility for public goods.
    • Ex. Legal Systems -Federal, state and local governments maintain separate systems of courts, correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies
                  • National Defense is one of the few public goods controlled solely by the federal government
mini lesson merit goods
Mini Lesson- Merit Goods
  • What is a merit good? A good that is deemed socially desirable by government leaders.
        • Ex. Libraries and museums. Government may subsidize these goods to make them accessible to the public
  • What is a demerit good? A good that is deemed socially undesirable
      • Ex. Alcohol, tobacco and gambling. To exercise control over demerit goods, the government can tax, regulate or prohibit the sale of them.
mini lesson promoting the general welfare
Mini Lesson- Promoting the General Welfare
  • What is income redistribution? Government activity that takes income from some people through taxation and uses it to help citizens in need such as the aged, the ill, and the poor
      • Ex. Social Insurance programs and Public Assistance programs
mini lesson social insurance
Mini Lesson – Social Insurance
  • What are social insurance programs? Government programs that pay benefits to retired and disabled workers, their families and the disabled. These programs are financed by taxes paid by all workers.
      • Ex. Social Security and Workers’ compensation (Disability)
mini lesson public assistance
Mini Lesson – Public Assistance
  • What are public assistance programs? Government programs that make payments to citizens based on need. Public assistance programs are different from social insurance programs they makes payments regardless of a person’s age and whether or not he has paid taxes.
      • Ex. Food Stamps, access to shelters and medicaid
mini lesson regulation and economic stability
Mini Lesson- Regulation and Economic Stability
  • How does the government regulate the economy?
      • Protecting Consumers
      • Supervising labor and management relations
      • Promoting Competition
      • Regulating negative by-products of the production process
critical thinking summary question
Critical Thinking Summary Question
  • There are many critics of government involvement in the economy. The point out that merit goods for example should be provided by private institutions instead of the government. If less taxes are paid then people will have more disposable income and they will choose to fund parks museums and the arts. Do you agree? Why or Why not?
  • Opponents of redistribution argue that most government assistance discourages personal initiative, and harms self-development; and that regulations raise the price of goods and services. Do you agree? Why or Why not?If you agree how do you suggest the system be repaired? If you disagree, what would you say to the opponents of redistribution to advocate for the continuance of these programs