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IEEE Bombay Section. Operations Processes & Requirements Draft – W.I.P. Introduction. It is intended to leverage the website for processes related to section activities. The Section activities fall under the four pillars outlined in the vision for 2014+ G overnance M ember Development

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Ieee bombay section

IEEE Bombay Section

Operations Processes & Requirements Draft – W.I.P.


  • It is intended to leverage the website for processes related to section activities.

  • The Section activities fall under the four pillars outlined in the vision for 2014+

    • Governance

    • Member Development

    • Relevance to Society

    • Thought Leadership

  • 10 primary activities are outlined in slide 4

  • These activities would be led by section officers according to their responsibilities

Website portal requirements
Website/Portal Requirements

  • The requirements will be developed based on the process flows for which, we wish to leverage the website/portal

  • Enhancements to the website shall be planned based upon finalised requirements

High level section activities
High-level Section Activities

  • Formation of Executive Committee (G)

  • Assumption/Transition of Section/Chapter Offices (G)

  • Budgeting and Expense Management (G)

  • Infrastructure/Asset Management (G)

  • Publicity and Membership Development (M)

  • Member Engagement (M), (R)

  • Industry and peer-association Relations (M), (R), (T)

  • Event organization (M), (R), (T)

  • Officiating at events (G), (M)

  • Rewards and Recognition (G), (M)

Primary enabler operations
Primary Enabler - Operations

  • Website/Portal

    • Common platform to facilitate

      • External and internal interactions of the section

      • A single point of tracking section activities/ operations

      • Accurate Documentation

    • Communicating section activity plans/ events (External)

    • Reaching out to members (External)

    • Reaching section officers (External)

    • Request for section support (External)

    • Approval Workflows (Internal)

    • Tracking section Operations (Internal)

  • Gradually move processes to the portal for consistent operations

Communications enabler
Communications Enabler

  • Website/Portal

  • Social Media, Blogs and Print Media

    • Thought leadership and Publicity

  • Newsletter

    • Thought leadership, section activity information and publicity

  • Events

    • Relevance to Society, publicity, member/ membership development

Formation of executive committee
Formation of Executive Committee


  • Form Nominations Committee by 30th June

  • Publish Slate of Proposed Section Officers by 30th November

  • Elect Execom members including Office-bearers by 30th January

    Approvals Required:

  • Constitution of Nominations committee

Election of section officers
Election of Section Officers

Execom to fill following positions by 28th February

Society Chapter Chairs

Antennas & Propagation/Electron Devices



Instrumentation & Measurement

Microwave Theory & Techniques

Power and Energy/ Industry Applications

Signal Processing

System Man and Cybernetics

Technology Management Council

  • Industry Relations Chair (IRC)

  • Membership Development Chair (MDC)

  • Student Activities Chair (SAC)

  • Technical & Professional Activities Chair (TPAC)

  • Life Member Affinity Group Chair (LMAGC)

  • Women in Engineering Chair (WIEC)

  • Young Professionals Chair (YPC)

  • SIGHT Chair

Assumption transition of office
Assumption/Transition of Office


  • Handover of responsibilities by predecessor

    • Documents

    • Assets

    • Plans

    • Expenditure status

  • Takeover of responsibilities by successor

    • Documents

    • Assets

    • Plans

    • Expenditure status

      Approvals Required:

Budgeting expense management
Budgeting & Expense Management


  • All Chairs to provide budget up to 31st March of the following year by 15th March of the current year

  • Consolidate all budgets along with section budget by 31st March of the current year

  • Publish norms for expenses (travel, boarding and lodging)

    Approvals Required

  • Activity/Affinity Group/Chapter budget by respective Chair

  • Total budget by Execom

Infrastructure asset management
Infrastructure/Asset Management


  • Office rental payment

  • Office Secretary/Assistant salary payment

  • Section utilities payment

  • Office Equipment use and maintenance

    • Laptop

    • Printer

    • Projector

Infrastructure asset management1
Infrastructure/Asset Management


  • Social Media

  • Publicity material management

    • Standees

    • Banners

    • Pads, Kits

    • Mementos – Pen drives, pens, bags etc.

      Approvals Required

  • Payment release after section Treasurer and Chair approves

  • Publicity material use with approval of MDC

Publicity membership development
Publicity & Membership Development

  • Engage IEEE PR Consultants Ruder Finn

  • Plan more benefits for members

    • Promote Group Insurance Scheme

    • Tie-up with stores for discounted merchandise

    • Limited-free and unlimited-discounted entry to section conferences

    • Other incentives

  • Wide Communications

Member engagement
Member Engagement


  • Virtual meeting facilities

    • Video

    • Voice

  • Feedback mechanism

  • E-voting

  • Survey portal

    Approvals Required

  • From webmaster for use of facilities

Industry peer association relations
Industry & Peer-Association Relations

  • Forge partnership with not-for-profit Industry Chambers

  • Partner with peer-associations for joint events

  • Facilitate bridging of the gap with academia

Event organization
Event Organization

  • Professional Member Events

  • Student Member Events

  • Common Events

    Approvals Required

  • As per event norms

  • Officiating

  • Expenditure

Professional member events
Professional Member Events

  • Meetings

    • Industry Connect

    • Member Engagement

  • Conferences

  • Networking events

  • SKEP

  • Faculty Upgrade Programs

  • Professional Certification Programs

Student member events
Student Member Events

  • Meetings

  • Conferences

  • Contests

  • Festivals

  • Networking events

Common events
Common Events

  • Job Fairs

  • Mentoring Program

  • Talks and Colloquia

  • Networking events

Officiating at events
Officiating at Events

  • The section will send nominated members

  • Communicate the IEEE message and market the benefits of membership

Rewards and recognition
Rewards and Recognition


  • Publish Norms and timelines

  • Invite nominations

  • Establish selection committee

    Approval Requirements

  • As per norms

Website management
Website Management


  • Section Officers and access rights

    • Enable relevant modules

  • Mapping of common IDs

    • Map to approved officers

  • Event publicity

    Approvals Required

  • Chair to approve access rights, ID mapping

  • Chair of event organizing/sponsoring OU to recommend event publicity and approved by section chair

Social media blogs newsletter
Social Media, Blogs, Newsletter


  • Publishing plan and approvals

  • Continuity plan


  • Editorial team

  • Content team

    Approvals Required

  • As above

External interactions
External Interactions

  • Contact ID – [email protected]

    • Map to Office Bearers

  • Request for Sponsorship

  • Request for Speakers

  • Turnaround time (TAT) for all of above – 3 days

    • Auto-reminder

    • In case of 2 & 3 above, escalation to Chair and Vice-Chair

Suggestions requested

[email protected]

Suggestions Requested