good morning n.
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Good Morning!

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Good Morning!.

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good morning
Good Morning!
  • We have reached our goal for Dime for Charity and we will be sending a check to the American Diabetes Association. I am so proud of you. On the chart, please put an X over your favorite type of candy. This week’s share topic is “Places I have visited”. You can sign up to share (2 people each day). We will continue this topic next week.
good morning mathematicians
Good Morning, Mathematicians.
  • Today we are going to create a line plot with pockets. Sounds interesting and weird? Place a Post it on our line graph to show how many pockets you have. You can count your jacket or sweatshirt if you brought one in.
i hope you had a great evening
I hope you had a great evening.
  • Which pet would you like to have? Dog, cat, turtle, fish, something else, or none at all? Put an X over the pet you would like to have.
h o t s

It’s time for you to use your H.O.T.S. (Higher order thinking skills). Write your answer to the question:

What do you think would it be like if we went to school in the summer and had winter vacation instead? What would school be like? What would your vacation be like? Write your answer on a Post It and bring it to Morning Meeting.