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Dylan’s E-mail

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Dylan’s E-mail. dylan.phillips@live.com. Part 1: This changes everything. ARToolKit. Heterogeny Sucks!. Use a Platform to Cross Cut I chose Layar. *. *. iPhone GS only. So I did some cool Layar Stuff. Even got some good press. But there is no Santa.. . AR View

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Dylan’s E-mail

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  1. Dylan’s E-mail • dylan.phillips@live.com

  2. Part 1: This changes everything

  3. ARToolKit

  4. Heterogeny Sucks!

  5. Use a Platform to Cross CutI chose Layar * * iPhone GS only

  6. So I did some cool Layar Stuff

  7. Even got some good press

  8. But there is no Santa..  • AR View • Night Vision Sucks • Icons Too Big • Clipping • POI Density Accelerometer, Camera and GPS == Power Hog 80 minutes

  9. Customer Feedback:“We love the Maps!”

  10. Writing My Own ChannelApps for me are Channels Social Channels Stuff I wanna know.... B2C Channels Government Channels

  11. Getting my Channel Out ThereHow Many Licks?

  12. Killing my Dreams...How Many Licks 1 2 3 4 But deleting a Channel is easy.

  13. Safe Common Channelsin an uncommon world My App My App My App My App ?... Browser Support for Navigator.GeoLocation SMS, MMS and Phone Services 100% Windows C# Blackberry Java ME iPhone Objective C Android Java SE

  14. What I was working on in Jan 2010 WebKit Browser...86% Share Windows Server URL Request Default.aspx JavaScript, DOM, CSS Scaffold WebKit CSS Extensions HTML 5 Features Navigator.GeoLocation Google Maps V3 Http Response HTTPHandler Service End Points POI Exchange Threaded Requests Business Logic XMLHttpRequest Remote Logging

  15. Some Perspective

  16. Part 2: This changes everything...Building a Business Although, I did say this once before...

  17. Dude, I was totally right!

  18. It is Google’s World we just live in it.-Remember, I am a Microsoft Alumni

  19. Google’s Secret Sauce Let anyone, ask anything and provide a link to content about that thing • Use a Cookie to de-anonymize the questioner. • Let the questioners’, questions become their profile. • Leverage the profile to target advertising.

  20. Flanking the Elephant

  21. Flanking Google in Real Estate

  22. Foundational Technologies

  23. 90% of Buyers start with the InternetGoogle’s Bread and Butter

  24. The Number of Internet Resources is Overwhelming

  25. 77% of Buyers’ next step is a visitNow here is something different

  26. Why do the Solutions Look the Same

  27. Mobile Is Different Mobile Can See Mobile Can Move Mobile is Mini

  28. Our Solution ...

  29. We Are Doing Great!

  30. Part 3: This changes everything...Notice a Theme Although, I did say this before...

  31. Markerless Recognition

  32. Technology Key Stones • Multipurpose App Channels become immutable. • Leverage intents to pass parameters to HTTP waypoints. • AR Content delivered over HTTP channels

  33. Business Lessons Learned • If you are a Wozniak find a Jobs • Don’t do your Design Work • Don’t read TechCrunch • America is a big place. And mobile has physical barriers to entry.

  34. Demo Time