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Theme Camping. By Ted Toy. Why Theme Camping?. Not the same old camp Gives you ways to “sneak” in skills We’ve been doing Themes all along Can level the playing ground Keeps everyone involved not just the Sr. Scouts Can be a lot of fun for the Leaders too. What is interesting to them?.

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theme camping

Theme Camping

By Ted Toy

why theme camping
Why Theme Camping?
  • Not the same old camp
  • Gives you ways to “sneak” in skills
  • We’ve been doing Themes all along
  • Can level the playing ground
  • Keeps everyone involved not just the Sr. Scouts
  • Can be a lot of fun for the Leaders too
what is interesting to them
What is interesting to them?
  • Spy
  • Wilderness survival
  • Knights/ Rangers
  • Pirates
  • Commandos
  • M*A*S*H
  • Music
  • Indiana Jones
spy academy
Spy Academy
  • Name: Jimmy Baker
  • DOB: 05/13/1995

Occupation: Fry Cook Smitty’s “Smitty’s Grill”

High School: Lakeview

High School

Silverton North Dakota

Master Spy

spy academy agenda
SPY Academy Agenda
  • Secret Identities Fri.
      • Make up an alias with Hx.
      • Beware of double agents
  • “Sleep Time” Saturday
      • Sneak up on “guard”
      • Using sling shot hit guard with knockout pellet
      • Beware other guards in area DON’T GET CAUGHT
  • “None Shall Pass” Fri-Sat night
      • Slip notes to your contact without being seen
      • Bonus points for gadgets
  • Don’t Bug Me Fri-Sat night
      • Plant four “Bugs” without being seen
      • Don’t get bugs planted on you!
spy academy agenda1
SPY Academy Agenda
  • Sniper Saturday
      • Standing
      • Kneeling
      • Prone
      • Offhand
  • Capture the flag Sat night
      • with cylumesticks
  • Geo Puzzle Cache
  • Master Spy Awards Sat. night
      • Award Master Spy / Memorial
spy master sheet

 Identity- maintain secret identity facade

 Pass- secretly pass card to contact

 Codes- correctly answer codes

 Target shoot accuracy with weapons

 First aid keep others alive

 Golden silence

black eagles
Black Eagles

Troop 137 theme camp “Black Eagle”

Theme: Buzz Begert is kidnapped! A group of excommunicated Eagle Scouts calling themselves the Black Eagles have taken Buzz as revenge for being stripped of their Eagle Scout Rank.

Saturday morning Buzz is found to be missing. A tape recorder in his car is found and tells of his kidnapping. In the back ground Buzz yells out “The brand of his tent” then he is “slapped” and goes quiet. When someone searches his tent they find a file with info on the Black eagles. The hunt is on!

black eagles1
Black Eagles


1. Figuring out Buzz’s clue to tent

2. Getting info from folder

3. Tracking (tracks to parking lot)

a. Tracks car to cabin

4. Stealth while tracking

5. Communication

6. Lashing to shut off alarm

7. Computer to download file plan

8. Map reading

9. Tactics

10. Solving the mystery

11. Victory dinner (taken from villains)

black eagles2
Black Eagles

What will be needed?

1. Three volunteers for “black Eagles”

2. Two or three cabins (spread out)

a. one for sweetness Jones

b. main cabin where buzz is kept

3. Mission folder

a. threat outline

b. Black eagle’s profiles

c. Buzz’s notes

4. Tape recorder or DVD player

5. Buzz’s Equipment pack

a. Binoculars

b. PVC Blowguns

c. “Knockout” paint balls

6. Card board cut outs (villain targets)

7. Map & compasses

8. Laptop with “Master Plan”

9. Blank cd

10. Sled

11. Candy bar wrappers

12. White sheets (camouflage)

13. Fake alarm system

14. Walkie talkies (with batteries)

15. Victory dinner



Black Eagle Profiles

Don Joe

AKA: Shadow

DOB: 2/29/1964

History: Member of Troop 137 from 1975-1983

Eagle Scout awarded 1983

Eagle Scout Status: Revoked 01/01/11

Eagle Scout Status rescinded for crimes of impersonating a Scout Master and holding bogus fund drives, keeping all the payments for himself.

Personal History: Don is of average height, average weight, and average build. He is soft spoken and typically reserved. For these reasons he is difficult for people to remember. He uses this much to his benefit. He worked behind the scenes during school plays and mastered the art of stage makeup. Later on he became a master of quick change, and disguise.

For this reason he earned the nickname “Shadow”. He blends in easily to any environment.

Last seen: Location unknown

winter warrior
Winter Warrior

Event Descriptions for Winter Warriors

I. Seize the Fort

II. Joust the giants

III. Snow Chariot race

IV. Archery

V. Foam Fencing

VI. Jester competition

VII. Knighting of Knaves


Kingdom Score Scroll

Kingdom: ____________________________

Knights of the Kingdom

 ___________________________

 ___________________________

 ___________________________

 ___________________________


Look of: Fort, Standard, Sled

  • Structure of: Fort, Snow Guard, Catapult,


Time: To catapult down Standard, Race

  • Points: joust on giant, archery, fencing
  • Penalty: unsafe, incomplete, bickering
  • Best jester, cheer, skit, song
  • Spirit: upbeat, into character, supportive
  • Teamwork: everyone involved, work

together w/o bickering

Best: of each event

victory dinner
Victory Dinner

Big Yummy Dinner (Leaders make)

Big fire

Present awards / Scrolls

Recognize / Knight each participant

Jester / Team fire side competition




Character Build