nights in rodanthe by nicholas sparks n.
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  1. NIGHTS IN RODANTHEBY NICHOLAS SPARKS Sparks, Nicholas. Nights in Rodanthe. New York: Warner Books, 2002.

  2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR • Born Omaha Nebraska New Years Eve • 1966 – Present • Grew up in California • Valedictorian in High School • Full track scholarship to Notre Dame • Married 1989 to Cathy • First successful novel, The Notebook, increased salary from $40,000/year to 1Million just for publication rights • Continues to write today • (all from Nicolas Sparks the Official website)

  3. PROTAGONIST/ ANTAGONIST • There is not protagonist or antagonist

  4. FAVORITE CHARACTER Dr. Paul Flanner: • Extremely successful surgeon • Divorced from working too much • Re-evaluates life after patient dies on routine operation • Fall in love with Adrienne Willis at coastal inn in South Carolina • Dies saving his son’s life

  5. LEAST FAVORIT CHARACTER Adrienne Willis • Weak • Divorced after husband left for younger woman • 1 daughter 2 sons • Age 45 • Devastated when Paul Flanner dies

  6. EXPOSITION • Dr. Paul Flanner: • Divorced • Sold practice to be with son in South America • 54 years old • Adrienne Willis: • 45 with 3 kids • Husband walked out on her • On way to Dulles Airport in D.C. to met son in South America • Adrienne Willis is watching an inn for a friend out of town • Story is a flash back while Adrienne speaks to her daughter who just lost her husband

  7. RISING ACTION • Adrienne meets and checks in Paul at the inn • At their first dinner together the learn about each other and that they are both divorced • Bond continues to grow as they spend more time together and prepare for a large storm coming in • Paul visits family of patient who died • Son of patient is hostile and angry • Husband is calmer and just wants to understand what happened

  8. CLIMAX • Paul and Adrienne realize they are in love with each other and are destined to be together • They spend an amazing last few days together at the inn • However they soon realize that they must soon part • Paul needs to leave to Equator • Adrienne must return home to her kids

  9. FALLING ACTION • Mark tells Adrienne how she had changed the way his father acted and how they grew closer together • Paul dies saving his son in a large storm • Paul meets up with his son in Equator and the relationship is strained at first but things get better. • Paul and Adrienne write love letters to each other all the time.

  10. RESOLUTION • Adrienne moves on with her life but is still in love with Paul • Adrienne’s daughter is comforted and is able to move on with her own life now

  11. SETTING • Time: Modern day • By having this in modern day, readers are able to connect easily with the two main characters and normal people. • It also makes the plot more understandable and believable. • Place: Rodanthe SC • Small town • On the coast • This is important because the weather of this region plays a part of the book and helps bring two people closer to each other.

  12. THEMES • 1: True love • Only having one person your meant to be with in the entire world • 2: Death of loved one • Everyone looses people they love and must learn how to struggle and get through it • 3: Forgiveness • No one lives a perfect life and we all make mistakes. People must learn to accept others’ imperfections and forgive them.

  13. RATING • My rating: ****(4 stars) • Well put together • Plot was interesting and new events kept interest up • Could happen • Very easy to understand

  14. SOCIAL ISSUE Medical Malpractice: • Summary: When anyone in health care does something outside normal standards and causes harm. • Examples go from leaving tools in a patients to performing surgery on the wrong body part to prescribing the wrong medicine

  15. BIBLIOGRAPHY • Sparks, Nicholas. Nights in Rodanthe. New York: Warner Books, 2002. • Sparks, Nicholas. "Nicholas Sparks The Official Website". 2/10/2010 • "Nights in Rodanthe (Novel)". IMDb. 2/12/2010 • "Medical Malpractice". Medical Topics. 2/12/2010 • Abrams, Dennis. "Examples of Medical Malpractice". Experl Hub. 2/12/2010 • New York City medical malpractice lawyer Robert Sullivan Trial Attorney in New York. Lawyermarketingtv.6/10/2008. • Types of medical malpractice." Wrong Diagnosis. Web. 2 Mar 2010. • "Causes of Medical Malpractice." Wrong Diagnosis. Web. 2 Mar 2010. • Jackman, Tom. "In Fairfax malpractice case, family awarded $1.25 million." Washingtom Post 27 Feb 2010, Print.

  16. Medical Malpractice YouTube: Local article: National articles: Definition: Professionalnegligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient. (Websters Dictionary) Large reason why health care is so expensive: Patient sues doctor for medical malpractice Malpractice insurance covers doctor Issuance premiums goes up for doctor Rates go up for patients