nazaret rodr guez taltavull cmc 1 bachillerato b
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Nazaret Rodríguez Taltavull CMC 1º Bachillerato B

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Nazaret Rodríguez Taltavull CMC 1º Bachillerato B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U niverse Images. Nazaret Rodríguez Taltavull CMC 1º Bachillerato B. Black Sun and Inverted Starfield 2012 October 15.

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nazaret rodr guez taltavull cmc 1 bachillerato b


Nazaret Rodríguez Taltavull

CMC 1º Bachillerato B

black sun and inverted starfield 2012 october 15
Black Sun and InvertedStarfield2012 October 15

This image of our Sun was captured originally in a very specific colour of red light, then rendered in black and white and then colour inverted. Once complete it was added to a starfield and colour inverted again. As a result we can see long filaments, dark active regions , prominences peaking around de edge and a moving carpet of hot gas. It shows how the Sun is nearing solar maximum.

A Spiral Nebula Surrounding

Star R Sculptoris

2012 October 16

Thisunusualspiralstructure has beendiscoveredaroundMilky Way star R Sculptoris, a red giant star located about 1,500 light years away,toward the constellation of the Sculptor (Sculptoris). The photo was taken by the new Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), the most powerful telescopic array observing near millimeter wavelengths .

A quintet in theuniverse

This heap of galaxies placed in the constellation of Pegasus is called Stefan's Quintet. This five galaxies are as different as interesting. Two of them are in the center, almost close. They are placed to approximately 300 million light years of distance and they were photographed by the new camera of the Hubble in 2009.


Over 180.000 stars appear on this photo, captured by the camera of the Hubble, focusing the centre of our galaxy, in order to find exoplanets. Planets that orbit the far-offstarscannotbeobserveddirectly, butbymeans of a widerange of astronomictechnologiesit’spossibletocalculateitssituation.

Thebirth of thestars

In this stellar heap called NGC 602, near the Little Magallanes Cloud, millions of young stars issue radiation and energy as waves that erode the material that surrounds them, creating interesting formations. The size of what this image shows covers about 200 light years from side to side.