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Technology as a Tool

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Technology as a Tool. In our society which is overfilled with technology, is adding technology to the classroom more helpful or more harmful? Why? Brainstorm some advantages and disadvantages with your group. Disadvantages of using technology.

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In our society which is overfilled with technology, is adding technology to the classroom more helpful or more harmful? Why?

Brainstorm some advantages and disadvantages with your group

disadvantages of using technology
Disadvantages of using technology
  • Using technology in school just means more time that kids are plugged in
  • If not used intentionally to support student interaction, it can mean that students are learning without the community aspect which is crucial for language learning
  • If students are going to use technology, first, the teachers must learn the same technology, which can be a challenge
  • Technical problems may make you want to pull your hair out
  • Classroom management and usage of appropriate websites can be difficult
  • Some students may not have computers or internet at home to continue working and this can create inequality
benefits of using technology intentionally in the classroom
Benefits of using technology intentionally in the classroom
  • Students’ lives are based around constant stimulation with technology so it is a form they are comfortable with
    • This can be motivating for them
  • Through the internet, they can gain immediate access to primary cultural sources instead of sources created specifically for them as language learners
  • Using tools like powerpoint, presi or padlet give students visual input as well as audio. This can help secure concepts and improve spelling especially for visual learners.
  • Teaching students how to use technology can promote independent life-long learning
technology as an independent tool for learning
Technology as an independent tool for learning
  • Conversation exchange
  • Duolinguo
  • Nulu
  • Toondoo
  • Blogs (Student or class blogs)
  • ITunes free podcasts
  • Online Newspapers
using student newspapers
Using Student Newspapers
  • Using student newspapers gives students access to authentic materials that are written for young people their age who are native speakers. This allows them to learn more culturally and linguistically.
  • Time for Kids
  • BBC Kids
  • CNN Student News
  • Kids Post (Washington Post)
  • The Learning Network (NY times)
how do i use these resources in my classroom
How do I use these resources in my classroom?
  • Weekly 15 minute activity
  • Read with vocabulary help then write 3-5 sentence summary or reflection and debrief as a class
  • Necessary preparations for this activity
    • Plagiarism
    • Wordreference
    • Teacher circulation
  • Sample activity from 3ESO class and reflection
    • Popcorn style

-What kinds of technology do you use in your classroom? -Why do you use these methods or why do you choose not to use technology?-Do you see yourself using any of the above-mentioned technologies? What would be the benefits or disadvantages?

are students technologically literate it is possible that there is a digital divide happening
Are students technologically literate? -It is possible that there is a “digital divide” happening

Social Media

Research, news and information

But…when it comes to basics of research and information searches students are not even close to proficient upon entering University

Academic Research

Personal Research

Maps, weather, recipes, travel…

  • Students are MUCH better than adults with certain technology
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Twenti
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat......


standards of technological proficiency
Standards of Technological Proficiency
  • Communicate
  • Problem solve
  • Access, manage, integrate, evaluate, design and create information to improve individual learning in any subject
  • Acquire life-long skills that are crucial for 21st century living and participation in society
technological proficiency learning in the us
Technological Proficiency Learning in the US
  • Students learn typing in elementary schools
  • Powerpoint and research lessons are given for elementary students and then they are then expected to prepare presentations and reports using the skills in their other courses.
Using technology for cultural learning, research skills, writing skills and ultimately…language learning
  • Giving students guided research projects in foreign language forces them to delve into real sources and learn about culture at the same time fulfilling several of the 5 Cs
  • High School Spanish project examples
    • Country presentation, cultural presentations, food preparation, content research etc…
research in my global classrooms
Research in my Global Classrooms
  • Observations:
    • Many of my students were not confident with the writing process, particularly in English
    • But, others are more confident writing than speaking so giving them a chance to do so helped them to be successful
  • So, I used research in my classroom to improve reading authentic sources and techniques of the writing process like: outlines, thesis statements, writer goals, audience, paragraph construction etc…
  • Share some resources from the unit on research