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Nanocomposite paper

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Nanocomposite paper. by: Bryce Sauser MEEN 3344. What is Nanocomposite paper. is a hybrid energy storage device that combines characteristics of batteries and supercapacitors.

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nanocomposite paper

Nanocomposite paper

by: Bryce Sauser MEEN 3344


What is Nanocompositepaper

  • is a hybrid energy storage device that combines characteristics of batteries and supercapacitors.
  • It takes the high energy storage capacity of the battery and the high energy density of the supercapacitor which producing bursts of extreme power.

Materials and Description

This energy storage device is based on two basic, inexpensive materials: carbon nanotubes and cellulose.Also an ionicliquid provides the third component: electrolyte. Engineered together, they form nanocompositepaper. It is as thin and flexible as a piece of paper—it can be twisted, folded, rolled and cut to fit any space without losing any of its energy. The paper battery can also be stacked to boost the total power output.


How it is made

To creat this paper you have to first dissolve the cellulose in the ionic liquid and then inflitrate the cellulose paper with aligned carbon nanotubes which form the uniform film. Then it is solidified on dry ice, after this it is soaked in ethonal to remove the ionic liquid and dried in a vacume, which gives you your final product: Nanocomposite paper.



  • This energy storage device is cost-effective because the device can be able to be used in the smallest and most diversly designed electronics. Such as cellphones, mp3players and medicalequipment. The reasearchers say that it can also be used in automobiles and aircraft. But it has a poor processibility, being that they it is particually insovible of infuseble. Lastly, the use of ionicliquid makes the device environmentally friendly; a major concern in nanotechnology.
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