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2008 Alabama QSO Party PowerPoint Presentation
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2008 Alabama QSO Party

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2008 Alabama QSO Party - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 Alabama QSO Party. Sponsored By. 2008 Alabama QSO Party. ALABAMA CONTEST GROUP http://www.alabamacontestgroup.org Approximately 40 members from all around Alabama and adjacent states. Members participate as QRP, Low Power and High Power entries.

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2008 alabama qso party1
2008 Alabama QSO Party



  • Approximately 40 members from all around Alabama and adjacent states.
  • Members participate as QRP, Low Power and High Power entries.
  • About half participate in CW contests, more than half in RTTY and Phone contests.
  • Member stations go anywhere from multi-tower to only wire antennas.
  • A great resource for technical and operational “How-To” information from seasoned veterans via the ACG Email Reflector.
  • Big DX contingency..
2008 alabama qso party2

2008 Alabama QSO Party

Jun 7th and 8th

1600Z (1100AM) to 0400Z (1100PM)

Operate full 12 hours

CW – PH – Mixed modes

QRP, Low and High Power

Single Op, Multi-Single, Multi-Multi

10 thru 160 Meters (No WARC Bands)

2008 alabama qso party3
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Why Operate?

  • Great opportunity to introduce new people to Amateur Radio and new club members to HF operating.
  • Will improve CW and PH operating skills (Pre-FD activity)
  • Help to improved your pile-up skills.You will become the hunted station by both Alabama stations and those outside of Alabama.
  • Puts the operating back into Ham Radio.
  • Great opportunity to start or complete a Worked All States award.
2008 alabama qso party4
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Fixed Station


Single Operator



QRP, Low and High Power

2008 alabama qso party5
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Mobile Stations

  • Single Op (No Driver)
  • Single Op (With Driver)
  • Multi Op (both driver and passenger operate or assist each other)
  • Every time you change counties, you can work all the same stations again. However, Multipliers count once per mode
2008 alabama qso party6
2008 Alabama QSO Party


  • Everyone is going to be trying to work the Alabama stations.
  • How to:
    • On PH: Call CQ Alabama QSO Party this is KC4HW in Geneva County
      • Give signal report and your county(4 letter abbr)
      • Give signal report and county (4 letter abbr)
2008 alabama qso party7
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Alabama Club Station Competition

  • There are a number of clubs that have participated with their club station:
    • Auburn University ARC
    • Cherokee Co ARC -- East Alabama ARC
    • Montgomery ARC -- Russell Co Radio Club
    • St Clair Co ARC -- Tuscaloosa ARC
2008 alabama qso party8
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Out of State

Club Competition

  • This is an accumulative score for all that submit logs from an Out of State club.

Florida Contest Group

Tennessee Contest Group

Yankee Clipper Contest Club

South East Contest Club

Potomac Valley Radio Club

Contest Club Ontario

Mad River Radio Club

2008 alabama qso party9
2008 Alabama QSO Party

K1TO/Dan, Florida Contest Group receives the 2007 Out of State Plaque for High Club Accumulative Score

2008 alabama qso party10
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Plaques and Certificates

  • Introduced Certificates in 2006
    • Certificates winner must make 25 valid AQP contacts
    • Certificates will be awarded to winners in each Alabama county, State, Province and DXCC entity. Additional certificates may be awarded as deemed appropriate by the Alabama QSO Party manager
  • Introduced the Plaque Program in 2007
    • Plaque winner must make 100 valid AQP contacts
    • Plaque categories are identified on the AQP website
2008 alabama qso party11
2008 Alabama QSO Party

K4ZGB, Tom Hardison, Northport, AL

2008 alabama qso party12
2008 Alabama QSO Party

Jeff/NY4N and Rebecca/AF4QB

2008 alabama qso party13
2008 Alabama QSO Party


2008 alabama qso party14
2008 Alabama QSO Party

John Laney/K4BAI,

Columbus, GA

2008 alabama qso party15
2008 Alabama QSO Party


  • 149 Logs (50 Alabama Stations)
    • 3 VE and 2 DX
  • 15,724 QSOs (Ph 8043 & CW 7681)
  • 64 of 67 Counties Active
    • Missed Colbert, Marion and Winston
  • Entries: 108 Low Power, 31 High Power, 10 QRP and 5 mobiles
2007 gqp preliminary stats information provided by ne4s may 2007
2007 GQP Preliminary StatsInformation provided by NE4S, May 2007
  • There were 44 fixed stations active in GA.  
  • 12 rover entries, there were only 6 last year.
  • Rovers made 11,393 contacts.  575 Phone, 10,818 CW.  
  • 40,811 contacts, GA and NonGA. About 20,000 last year.  
  • 28921 CW and 11890 Phone.
  • 5,983 different call signs in logs.    
  • 153 of 159 counties were active.  
  • There were 234 logs. There were 170 logs last year.
2008 alabama qso party17
2008 Alabama QSO Party


  • Create a fun activity for individuals and clubs in Alabama.
  • Provide an opportunity for the more experienced to mentor those with less experience!
  • Have Fun!!!!
  • If you need more reasons to participate, please refer to Objectives 1, 2 and 3.