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Compassionate orphan care- Half a world away. PowerPoint Presentation
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Compassionate orphan care- Half a world away.

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Compassionate orphan care- Half a world away. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Compassionate orphan care- Half a world away. Village2Village Project Tree Angels

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Compassionate orphan care-

Half a world away.


Village2Village Project Tree Angels

offer you the opportunity to extend the reach of your generosity to Uganda where Village2Village supports and cares for 84 children at risk or orphaned by AIDS. Give $10, $15, $25 or more to where it is needed most.


Village: Serere, Uganda

one small community to another



it all began
It all began…

…with a Ugandan teenager named James who was a

YMCA camp counselor in Vermont

  • Met the Laurie & Rev. Michael Kroll and their family
  • $100 support from church
  • Beans, rice, backpacks and school uniforms provided for four families, including nine orphans
  • At this point, child sponsorship began and has continued as needs have arisen

A bit about Uganda…

  • Population slightly more than 33,000,000

(approx. 4 times that of NYC)

  • The average woman has 7 children
  • Estimated life expectancy is 53 yrs
  • There are over 52 tribes and 46 different spoken languages

A bit about Uganda…

  • Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world.
    • Agriculture employs 80% of the workforce
    • Famine or flood often destroy much needed crops
  • Uganda has 150,000 HIV+ children under 12
  • Children comprise about half the population of Uganda.
    • An estimated 1 in 5 children is an orphan.
    • Applied to the district of Serere, this would mean 25,000 children are orphaned.

A bit about Uganda…

In Uganda, according to UNICEF, only one of seven children is enrolled and attends secondary school.

Most kids eighth grade and up work hard on their own to earn the fees to attend a school with meager resources. And yet it has been proven through studies that secondary school enrollment alone can cut the AIDS rate by one-third.


The Focus of V2V

  • Meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children
  • Enrolling children in school
  • Fighting Malaria
  • Supporting HIV prevention initiatives
  • Bolstering Ugandan-led endeavors
  • Providing emergency medical relief
  • 84 children are currently sponsored

Daniel- before & after sponsorship


V2V Site

“To Play”

This is a foreign concept to most children from Serere, but Village2Village offers the unique opportunity for children to have fun, laugh, and simply be kids.


House of Faith

  • Provides…
  • Children two meals a day, six days a week.
    • Children danced for joy whenprovided breakfast.
  • Food that helps them concentrate in school.
  • A space for activities like drama, debate, tutoring and story telling.
  • A place for guardians to be advised how to care for children.

House of Hope

  • We have begun work on an infirmary building to provide:
  • A safe, clean place for children to receive treatment and care when they are ill
  • A space to host medical and dental clinics

Hope Ministry

Many children in the Village2Village Project have parents or guardians who are living with HIV or AIDS. Sponsors in our Hope Ministry (Hope In our Village) provide medical and physical care, advocacy and counseling for these individuals. 

Children who are HIV+ also have special needs and expenses. For $60 per month, sponsors can provide all of the educational, medical, emotional and spiritual care that other sponsored children receive. In addition, HIV+ children will receive the medical care and extra nutrition necessary to ensure a healthy and prolonged life.


Sam& Esther

Sam & Esther Video


House of Love

Sam and Esther now live in the House of Love, a home in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) designed to care for their needs.

They have caretakers who continually give them love and provide them with proper nutrition and physical therapy.


Ugandan Board

Chair: Pastor Richard Otim, (second from right) Pastor, Rockview Baptist Church, SorotiVice-Chair: Esther Eriaku (center)Secretary: Joseph Twoli (far left)Treasurer: Rev. Francis Oluga (missing from photo)Financial Advisor: Aomu Mackay (missing from photo)Agum Moses, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, District of Soroti (far right)Uganda Program Manager: James Mutaka Kroll, founder V2V (second from left)


US Board

Board member Rick Bellows, Program Director in Uganda James Mutaka Kroll, President Ed Norse, Vice President Nikki Klink, Secretary Marj Overhiser, Executive Director Laurie Kroll, Sponsor Coordinator Catherine Caum, Treasurer Steve Seipke


How YOU can help

  • Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor a child -$55/month: primary school student -$110/month: secondary school student
  • Hope Ministry -$65/month: child or HIV+ guardian
  • Village Builders-a monthly commitment of any amount that keeps our program running, and keeps unsponsored children in school

Make a decision. Change a life.


How YOU can help

  • Continual Needs
  • Your Prayers!
  • Mosquito nets ~ $13 each
  • Sturdy shoes~ $15 each
  • School Supplies~ backpacks, pencils, books, etc.
  • House of Joy (V2V Infirmary):
  • Any amount will be helpful in completing this important facility!

Help can be creative!

One group of US children sewed bandana pillows for Village2Village kids.


Contact Us!



Mailing Address/ Send Donations to:

Village2Village Project

PO Box 196, Bristol, VT 05443


Sponsorship: Catherine Caum-

Director: Laurie Kroll –