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status and activity of s t databases in vietnam and nacesti n.
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Status and Activity of S&T Databases in Vietnam and NACESTI PowerPoint Presentation
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Status and Activity of S&T Databases in Vietnam and NACESTI

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Status and Activity of S&T Databases in Vietnam and NACESTI
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Status and Activity of S&T Databases in Vietnam and NACESTI

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  1. Status and Activity of S&T Databasesin Vietnam and NACESTI Mr. Nguyen Tien Duc NACESTI, Vietnam

  2. Content I. National S&T Information System in Vietnam II.NACESTI and it’s Databases III. Remarks and Recommendations

  3. National S&T Information System in Vietnam • National S&T Information System in Vietnam (management by Ministry of S&T) has 4 level: -National Level:3 organizations (NACESTI; Information Center for Intellectual Property; Information Center for Standards); -Ministerial Level:44 Information centers; -Provincial Level: 64 Centers/Divisions -Institutional Level: about 400 Division/Teams • Beside National S&T Information system, we have: -Library System: Public; Academy… (belongs to Ministry of Culture and Information) -Archive System (belongs to Ministry for Interior)

  4. II. Nacesti and it’s activities • Governmental Decree No.159/2004/ND-CP: • Nacesti is the focal point in the national network of S&T information services organizations • NACESTI has mandates to carry out S&T information activities; disseminate and promote S&T achievements; organize and manage Techmarts; act as Central Library for S&T; national registration of R&D projects reports.

  5. Nacesti’s functions • Participating in information activities and resources development in the Country • Central Library on Science and Technology • National registration of reports of R&D projects funded by the Government • Not-for-profit ISP and ICP (VISTA Network) • Organize and manage Techmarts • S&T information professionals training • Research in LIS

  6. Nacesti’s activities • Development and implementation of legal documents on S&T information activities • National S&T information resources development • Information services provision • Application of ICT in STI services • Library services • S&T promotion and dissemination • STI research, training and standardization • International cooperation

  7. Development and implementation of legal documents on S&T information activities • Preparation of the Governmental Decree No.159 on STI activities • Regulations on the registration of research project proposals and research reports • Regulations on the organization and operation of local IT and STI centers.

  8. 2.1.National STI resources development • Focus on the development of e-resources, meeting the demand of national industrialization and modernization. • Currently, Nacesti is holding largest STI collections in Vietnam, with the growth rate of 20-25% annually.

  9. Nacesti’s information resources • Over 350,000 books titles • 6,759 serial titles • 17,000 e-journal titles and e-bulletins (access via full-text databases, e.g. ScienceDirect, EBSCO, Blackwells, etc.) • 7,000 research reports • 10,000 project proposals

  10. 2.2.Nacesti’s in-house databases • STD – Vietnamese S&T documents • KQNC – Research reports • DETAI – On-going research projects • BOOK – Library Union Catalogue • Rural Electronic Library – Materials related to agriculture and rural development • Transferable Technologies

  11. 2.3. Nacesti’s S&T Databases • Database “KQNC” Research Report (Results of completed S&T Projects/ for R&D) -Data: From 1990; Native- language (Vietnamese) -7000 records/reports -Software: ISIS for Windows -Type: Bibliography; Review/abstract; Full- text (72%-5000 reports) -Increasing: 800-1000 records/year -Access on VISTA (WWW., but only bibliography -Publication (Directory/List of completed Projects: 2 issue/year)

  12. 2.3.Nacesti’s S&T Databases • 2. Database “DETAI”- On-going research projects -Data: From 2005; Native- language (Vietnamese) -3500 records (basis draft of R&D Projects) -Software: ISIS for Windows -Type: Bibliography/summarize, Abstract -Increasing: 1500 records/year -Access on VISTA (WWW. -Publication (Directory/List of Projects: 2 issue/year)

  13. 2.3.Nacesti’s S&T Databases 3. Database “STD”- Vietnamese S&T document abstracts) -Data: From 1990; Native- language (Vietnamese) -60.000 records (Selected documents: Articles, reports of conferences…) -Software: ISIS for Windows; SQL+ Libol (Vietnam Software for Digital Library, from 2005) -Type: Bibliography/summarize, Abstract/ full- Text from 2005 (total: 20.000 documents) +Increasing: 10.000 full text document/year +No supply full- text on VISTA (WWW.

  14. 2.3.Nacesti’s S&T Databases 4.. Database “S&T Abstracts” -Data: From 1975; Selects from Database “STD” above -English language -15.000 records -Software: Zope (Z Object Publishing Environment, develop by Zope Corporation), free of charge -Type: Bibliography/summarize/Abstracts -Increasing: 800 records/year -Access on VISTA (WWW. -Publication (Abstracts of S&T articles; 4 issue/year) for International exchange

  15. 2.4.Others S&T Databases -Database “CANBO” S&T Staff/officer (before 1995, Software: CDS/ISIS; At present no existing (no update)- NACESTI -Database “S&T Organizations”: data: more 200; Software: Access- NACESTI -Database “CHUYENGIA” –Experts: Data: 500 experts –NACESTI -Database “DANGKY” –Registration of S&T organizations, SQL,Department of S&T staff and Organization, MOST -Database “LUANAN”-PhD Thesis/Dissertation; software: CDS/ISIS -National Library of Vietnam (NLV) Data: 3000 Record; Bibliography/Abstracts Database

  16. III. Remarks on S&T Databases in Vietnam • 3.1.All most databases are Small Scale • Application/Implementing different software (ISIS, Foxpro, Zope, Access, Green Stone, SQL,Libol,…). These Software are designed for text storage and retrieval purposes and they are difficult to be applied in client-server and relational database application. Difficult to access/to search them on Internet, software Retrieval interface not friendly enough for users. This is first problem we have to pay much attention. • 3.2.Update: not usually (lack of data/documents…). Data Collecting Problem. 3.3.All most databases in Vietnam are in Vietnamese language (a few in English)

  17. III. Remarks on S&T Databases in Vietnam and Recommendation • It is good for local users, but create difficulty in international data exchange. Translation huge quantity of records from Vietnamese into English seems to cost a lot of budget and labor. This is one of difficulty problems in Vietnam • 3.4.Manpower: Nacesti manpower is not trained enough, especially for development and integrating Databases

  18. III. Remarks on S&T Databases in Vietnam and Recommendation 3.5. Recommendation: -JST should provide NACESTI and some other Vietnamese Information Centers with software, formats and manuals for creating or modernizing some S&T Databases. -Provide support to translate data of some S&T databases from Vietnamese in to English (at least abstracts) -Train and regularly update new IT knowledge for key staff of NACESTI and some other Vietnamese information Centers

  19. Thank you! Questions?