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Time and Leave Reporting Information for Faculty

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Time and Leave Reporting Information for Faculty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Time and Leave Reporting Information for Faculty. March 24, 2014. What is Time and Leave Reporting?.

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what is time and leave reporting
What is Time and Leave Reporting?
  • Time and Leave Reporting (TLR) is a web-based reporting application that allows eligible faculty members (IFO and MSCF) to submit leave requests. This system will provide one location where you will submit leave requests, track their approvals, find your leave balances, and review a history of all of your time reporting.
  • This electronic process replaces the previous paper based system. This process does not replace the regular communication you have with your supervisor regarding your academic schedule, work time, and time off.
  • Time and Leave Reporting
    • StarID and logging in
    • Browser
    • Mobile Technology
    • Navigation
    • Manage Requests
    • View Balances
  • Demonstration
  • Resources
  • Questions?
star id and logging in
STAR ID and Logging In
  • Star ID is required to log into Time and Leave Reporting.
  • New employees must have a Star ID to access the system.
  • The link that campuses direct employees to will continue to workfor now. At some point we will work with campuses to change the name of their link and redirect it, but for now we have that working behind the scenes.
  • A direct link to the Time and Leave Reporting login page can also be used:


  • Firefox 25.0 or greater is the optimal browser that is supported for Time and Leave Reporting.
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above, Chrome or Safari (Mac Users) may be used for Time and Leave Reporting.
  • Internet Explorer 8 or lower will allow access, but not all of the functionality will be available.
mobile technology
Mobile Technology

Although Time and Leave Reporting is being built for mobile technology, the first releases do not yet have that functionality fully enabled.

  • An email will be sent to you when this technology is available for Smart phones and tablets.

This application consists of two screens which are accessed by tabs on the top of the screen.

  • The Manage Requests tab is the default, and the screen allows you to create, edit or delete leave requests, as well as review requests that have previously been entered in the Time and Leave Reporting application.
  • The View Balances tab displays leave balances and leave history for all MnSCU institutions where leave has been earned or used.
navigation continued
Navigation (continued)
  • Timesheets: In the top navigation bar, there is a link to the Timesheet, which would apply to employees who complete a timesheet and supervisors. Faculty will not use this option unless they are a supervisor, or if they also have a MnSCU position that requires a timesheet.
  • State Self Service: To go to State of MN Self Service where your pay stub is located, click on the State Self Service tab. You will need your State of Minnesota ID and password to access this site. Contact your campus Human Resources office for this information.
  • Help: A dropdown will appear and you can either choose to go the User Guides (StarID and password required) for documentation or the MnSCU Help Desk link to submit a question or issue.
  • Log out: To log out, click on Logout in the top right of the screen.
submit a leave request
Submit a Leave Request
  • On the MnSCU Login screen, enter your Star ID and password. Click Login.
  • Click on the green New Request button. If you have multiple jobs within the MnSCU system, a drop-down list will appear when you click on New Request. Choose the job for which leave is to be requested.
  • A Create Request screen will appear.
submit a leave request continued
Submit a Leave Request (continued)
  • Dates: Select one or more dates on the calendar by clicking on the date. The selected date(s) will be listed under the calendar. A date or dates must be selected before you can choose leave Request Type or Duration.

Note: If you choose a date in error, click on it again to inactivate that date.

submit a leave request continued1
Submit a Leave Request (continued)
  • Leave Types: Select a Leave Type from the drop-down menu. The Leave Type list will only display leave types that you are eligible to use. Pre-approval is required for some leave types such as Family Medical Leave, Jury Duty or Military leave. Contact your Human Resources office for leave pre-approval.

Note: If you select Sick Leave for a type, you must select a Sub Type.

  • Duration: Depending on the leave type chosen, the duration will appear in either days (if days, you must indicate whether the absence is Half-Day AM , Half-Day PM, or both for all day) or hours (IFO sick leave only).

IFO - Personal leave must be taken in all-day increments.

MSCF - Personal Leave may be taken in half-day or full day increments.

  • Comments: Enter Reasons/Comments if desired. Comments are required if the request is for a date more than two pay periods in the past, or if Sick Leave (SIK) with the Sub Type of Bereavement is used.
  • Click Submit.
edit a leave request
Edit a Leave Request
  • Choose the request you would like to edit and click on the checkbox to the left of the item.
  • Click on the blue Edit button, which is activated when a checkbox is chosen.
  • You may then edit the duration, total hours per day (if applicable), or the comments.
  • Click Submit. The edited request will be highlighted in yellow on the Manage Requests page.
delete a leave request
Delete a Leave Request

You may delete a leave request or multiple requests by completing the following steps after logging in:

  • Choose the request(s) you would like to delete and click on checkbox to the left of the item(s).
  • Click on the Red Delete button.
  • An alert box will appear to confirm that you are going to delete the indicated number of requests. To complete the delete process, click on the Confirm Delete button.
reviewing submitted leave requests
Reviewing Submitted Leave Requests

The Manage Requests screen provides a list of submitted requests.

  • The status, leave type, amount in hours or days, and date of request are included in the list.
  • Additional details for each request can be viewed by clicking on the More icon on the right of each request.
  • Additional information includes the start and end time (if applicable), created by, decided by, date created, and any comments that may have been entered for the request.
manage requests filter your results
Manage Requests – Filter your results

The default view of leave requests includes the current pay period, any future leave requests, and any past requests that are in a Pending status. If there are no leave requests that meet those criteria, the following message will display:

NOTE: Leave taken prior to your campus implementation of Time and Leave Reporting will not appear in this list. Historical leave used and earned can be found under View Balances.

filtering requests
Filtering Requests
  • Current fiscal year: To see all leave requests for the current fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th), click on the Current fiscal year button under Filter your results.
  • Show all fiscal years: To see leave requests for the current fiscal year click on the Show all fiscal years button under Filter your results.
  • Choose single fiscal year: To see all leave requests for a specific fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th), click on the Current fiscal year button under Filter your results and choose the fiscal year from the dropdown.Note: Only fiscal years where there requests exist will show up in the Fiscal Year dropdown
  • Choose date range: See all leave requests for a specific time period, click on the Choose Date Range button under Filter your results and enter a From: date or pick one from the calendar presented, then pick a To: date or pick one from the calendar, then click on the set dates button
  • Status:Leave requests may be viewed by status by clicking on the Status dropdown box.
  • Leave Type:To see all leave requests for a specific leave type, click on the Leave Type dropdown box.
view balances tab
View Balances Tab
  • Leave balances and leave history can be reviewed by going to the View Balances tab in Time and Leave Reporting.
  • Click on the More icon for each leave type to review leave activity.
  • Leave balances and activity will be displayed for any current or previous leave eligible teaching or administrative job at any MnSCU institution.
mscf part time faculty
MSCF Part Time Faculty
  • The Leave Request amount must be in full or half days.
  • The Leave Processed amount under View Balances will be the prorata deduction amount calculated by the system.
  • Questions about this calculation should be directed to your institution’s Human Resources Office.
mscf adjunct faculty sick personal and bereavement usage
MSCF Adjunct Faculty - Sick, Personal and Bereavement Usage

Adjunct MSCF faculty members are NOT eligible to use accrued paid leave. 

In Article 14, Section 6. Pro-Rata, the language excludes the entire provisions of Section 3. Sick Leave, Section 4. Bereavement Leave, and Section 5. Personal Leave from applying to adjunct faculty.  These entire sections cover accrual and usage, hence adjuncts are not eligible to use any leave that they previously accrued while working as a temporary part-time faculty member. 

adjunct ifo faculty
Adjunct IFO Faculty
  • Per Article 17, Section A, Subd. 10, adjunct faculty will no longer accrue sick leave hours. 
  • The current contract language states, “Adjunct and community faculty shall be allowed to miss all or part of two class days each semester for reasons set forth in Subd. 5 without loss of pay.”
  • Adjunct and community IFO faculty will see a leave type of MCD (missed class day).
  • User Guides can be found by going to the Help link in Time and Leave Reporting.

Your StarID and password are required to access these documents.

questions or issues
Questions or Issues?

Help Desk Contact Information:

ISRS Help DeskEmail: itsmnscu@custhelp.comPhone: 1-877-466-6728

or 1-877-GO-MNSCU