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Best Known Demi-God. Hercules. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Minerva.

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about hercules

Hercules was the son of Zeus and Minerva.

When Zeus sired Hercules, Hera was very jealous. And it just so happened that Hercules had a mortal twin. Hera said the first born would be king of all Greece. Hercules was to be born first but Hera caused Hercules twin to be born first and would have kept Hercules in forever if Minerva Hadn’t told her he was already born so Hera would stop in rage.

About Hercules
young hercules

When Hercules was three years old. Hera sent down two vipers to kill Hercules when he was in his cot. When his mother went to check on him she was shocked to see him playing with two dead snakes.

Young Hercules
the neamean lion

When Hercules accepted the twelve labors, The first was to kill the Neamean lion. The lions pelt was impenetrable so Hercules had to strangle the lion which cost him a finger but gave him good armor.

The Neamean Lion
lernean hydra

For the second task Hercules had to kill the Lernean Hydra that had nine vicious heads and poisonous breath. Every time he cut a head off two came back unless you burnt the stump, and one was immortal and could not be cut off, so Hercules crushed it with his club ripped it off and put under a rock. And as a prize he dipped his arrows in the blood which made them very poisonous.

Lernean Hydra
cerynian hind

For the third task Hercules had to catch the Cerynian Hide. The Hide was sacred to Artemis because it had horns of bronze and hooves of gold. Hercules chased it for a year and finally shot an arrow that went through just sinew and bone drawing no blood thereby not poisoning it with the Hydra blood and sacrificed it to Artemis.

Cerynian hind
ermanthian boar

For the fourth task Hercules had to capture the Ermanthian Boar alive. Hercules scared the boar out of a thicket by yelling halloo and jumped on its back and bound it in chains.

Ermanthian boar
the stables of augeias

For the fifth task Hercules had to clean the stables of Augeias . The stables hadn’t been cleaned in 30 years. So the way he cleaned was redirecting a river by destroying a dam.

The stables of augeias
the stymphilian birds

For the sixth task Hercules had to kill the Stymphilian birds. The Stymphilian Birds are flesh eating birds with beaks of bronze and feathers so sharp they can cut metal. The Stymphilian Birds where attacking a town when Hercules found them. So to kill them he started shaking brass bells to scare them away from the town then he shot them with arrows.

the cretan bull

For the seventh task Hercules had to capture the Cretan Bull. Hercules easily wrestled it to the ground and then he dragged it to the ship.

the Cretan bull
the horses of diomedes

For the eighth task Hercules had to take the horses of Diomedes. He fought ten men to capture the horses and then killed king Diomedes.

The horses of diomedes
the belt of hippolyte

For Hercules eight task. He had to steal a belt from the queen of the Amazons. Hercules knew he could not face the Amazon army alone so he round up his friends and they set sail. When they got there, Hippolyte just gave them the belt.

the cattle of geryon

For the tenth task Hercules had to take the cattle of Geryon. When he got to the island where the cattle were kept, Cerberus's brother Orthus attacked Hercules. So Hercules bashed it on the heads. When Geryon found out, he attacked Hercules and was shot by Hercules's arrows .

the garden of the hespherides

For the eleventh task, Hercules had to get the apples of immortality from the garden of the Hespherides. On the way there he fought three other half-gods. He took Atlas's place in holding the sky. When Atlas came back he said he would take the apples to Hercules boss and let Hercules take the sky forever. But Hercules tricked Atlas into taking back the sky.


For the last task Hercules had to capture Hades dog Cerberus. All Hercules had to do was bash the heads. When he put it in the kings courtroom the king just told him to put it back.

after death

When Hercules died, his mortal skin went to the underworld but his soul went to Olympus to live with the gods.