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When I was first creating my Photography page I didn’t know hat to call it. I didn’t wanted to use my name ! I wanted something unique. Ursapadora means Paulina in Spanish. I found it when I was going through some tv series on YouTube. THAT’S IT! – I thought , this is going to be my name for my photography page of course.

Couple of months later we had to come up with a name for our jewellery company name. I raised my had and told about ‘’Padora’’. I was told that its too similar to ‘’Pandora’’ and I could get into trouble for using similar name form my bussines. For my photography page is was fine.


Then I thought about ‘Pazure’ it means a claw in polish which brought to my mind claw setting for jewellery. Well I didn’t like it so much but my class did, obviously they don’t understand polish. To make it final I posted a status on facebook asking for opinion, but no polish people because they wouldn't get it. I got few replies. David Mears who I attended cardonald college has said ‘’What about – Absolute Finessence’’ well at first I thought- No, because I don’t really understand it. We had a conversation and David showed me a different perspective and had explained what is means.


Finessence is a combined word from finesse and essence. After reading and understanding I loved the idea! ‘’Finessence’’ Just Finessence sounded much better in my head. Thanks to David I have my name now that I love and all the people I have said that too they love it too.

So I had my name, now was the time to think of the font and the logo.


PicMonkey its an online program for designing your water mark. I quite like it because it has some nice writing the ones you cant find on Microsoft word. This is the font I like the most. It shows a bit of chicness and elegance that’s how I see it. I have tried adding ‘Absolute’ to finessence just to see haw it would look like. But still I preferred Finessence on its own.


Remember when I mentioned ‘Pazure’ which stands for a claw and I imagined a crown setting? Yes YesYes. I added that idea to this one! I think its just fabulous and I will stick with it forever!