2nd annual financial wellness conference by money management counselors
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2nd Annual Financial Wellness Conference by Money Management Counselors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2nd Annual Financial Wellness Conference by Money Management Counselors. Stop, Think, Connect - Beware the Digital Pickpocket. Ken M. Shaurette, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC FIPCO a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Bankers Association. Video Value of Banking. Banking Video….. CLICK HERE.

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2nd annual financial wellness conference by money management counselors

2nd Annual Financial Wellness Conferenceby Money Management Counselors

Stop, Think, Connect - Beware the Digital Pickpocket

Ken M. Shaurette, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC

FIPCO a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Bankers Association

Video value of banking
Video Value of Banking

Banking Video…..CLICK HERE

Most common attack
Most Common Attack

Account for over 60 Percent of Attacks!!

Real incidents
Real Incidents

  • Students at a middle school in Alaska managed to trick teachers into providing their credentials .

    • About 18 students were 12 and 13 years old, used to take over student computers. No Confidential data.

  • High school senior in Seattle plead guilty that he installed spyware on school computers in order to boost his grades.

    • Passwords gave him access to the tests and the ability to boost his grades.

  • April 2013 Oshkosh, WI Police warn about ATM skimming devices

Physical versus cyber
Physical versus Cyber

  • If We can see value when something is tangible – physical…..

    You’d never hand over your credit card number or bankcard and pin to a friend

  • Why can’t We see value when something isn’t – physical?

    Shared email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn passwords; cell phone account password…

November 1 2013
November 1, 2013

  • Imagine getting a phone message like this: (or email)

    This is the Civil Investigations Unit. We are contacting you in regards to a complaint being filed against you, pursuant to claim and affidavit number D00D-2932, where you have been named a respondent in a court action and must appear… Please forward this information to your attorney in that the order to show cause contains a restraining order. You or  your attorney will have 24 to 48 hours to oppose this matter… Call 757-301-4745.


What to do
What to Do ?

Know your rights! 

  • Ask the debt collector to provide official "validation notice" of the debt. Hang up if they won’t provide!!

  • Fake? Ask for name, company, street address, and telephone number.  Then, confirm that the collection agency is real.   

  • Do not provide or confirm any bank account, credit card or other personal information over the phone (or in an email) until you have verified the call. 

  • Don’t ever send it in an unsecure email!!

What to do1
What to Do ?

Know your rights! 

  • Banks and legitimate organization do not typically collect confidential information using email.

  • You can always go direct to the organization like your bank to make sure it is legitimate.

  • Be Cautious, Be Paranoid, Be Careful!!

  • Beware & Be Aware

What to do2
What to Do ?

Know your rights! 

  • Check your credit report annualcreditreport.comor calling (877) 322-8228.  

  • If the scammer has a great deal of personal information about you, be safe and place a fraud alert on your credit report.

  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission if the caller uses threats. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collections from being abusive, unfair or deceptive. 

Preventing scam losses
Preventing Scam Losses…..

  • Do you sell items on Ebay, Craigslist, etc..?


    Fox Contact 6: Spear Phishing

Spying with your web camera
Spying with Your Web Camera

  • The Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is the revolver of the Internet's Wild Wild West.

  • Webcam spying goes mainstream as Miss Teen USA describes hack – August 2013

Preventing cyberspying
Preventing CyberSpying…..

  • Look around you right now.  Do you have a camera or your laptop nearby?  How about your cell phone? If so, who’s watching you?


    Fox Contact 6: Cyber Spying

Credit card theft
Credit Card Theft…..

  • Do you have a credit card?

  • Look at your Credit Cards now.


    Snoopes: Digital Pickpockets

Roughly 50% in some states the Credit Cards are RFID equipped.

Latest Cell Phones can steal the information.


Tips to avoid being hooked on a Phishing scam,


  • Reply to email or pop-up messages asking you for personal or banking information.

  • Email personal or banking information.

  • Click on emails or messages you don’t expect or need.

Answers caution paranoia
Answers – Caution & Paranoia

  • Hopefully you weren’t looking for an answer to protect you from you.

  • The industry doesn’t have a technology answer yet, but you can be either part of the solution or part of the challenge.

  • Be Aware & Beware