everyday life online community and identity n.
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Everyday life online: community and identity PowerPoint Presentation
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Everyday life online: community and identity

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Everyday life online: community and identity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyday life online: community and identity. COMP 380: Computers & Society. Where can you be found?. How many selves are you, online? Where could we find “you”?. What is identity, online?. “under construction”? the personal home page the blog “ bricolage ” as self-expression

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where can you be found
Where can you be found?

How many selves are you, online?

Where could we find “you”?

what is identity online
What is identity, online?
  • “under construction”?
  • the personal home page
  • the blog
  • “bricolage” as self-expression
  • Do these media change the way we present and view ourselves?
how does each of these identity workshops present perform create identity
How does each of these “Identity workshops” present/perform/create identity?
  • Television
  • Avatars in online games (MMORPGs)
  • Avatars in virtual worlds like Second Life
  • Robust social media profiles (Facebook, MySpace)
  • Non-avatar user profiles in virtual communities (YouTube, comments fields, blogs, more)
multiple decentered selves the producer consumer duality
Multiple, decentered selves & the producer-consumer duality

Mark Poster:

If modern society may be said to foster an individual who is rational, autonomous, centered, and stable…then perhaps a postmodern society is emerging which nurtures forms of identity different from, even opposite to those of modernity.

The shift to a decentralized network of communications makes senders receivers, producers consumers, rulers ruled, upsetting the logic of understanding of the first media age.

who am we sherry turkle and our serious play
“Who Am We?” Sherry turkle and our “serious play”
  • The MUD phenomenon: precursor of WoW, etc.
  • “The self as a multiple, distributed system…just one more window.”
  • From the modernist computational aesthetic to the postmodern aesthetic of simulation, navigation, interaction, complexity, decentering
  • Children and “aliveness”
case studies discuss
Case Studies: discuss
  • Doug
  • Stewart
  • Andrei
  • Case
  • Zoe
  • Martin and Beth; Janet and Tim