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Medical Cannabis and its Types PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Cannabis and its Types

Medical Cannabis and its Types

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Medical Cannabis and its Types

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  1. For More Info: San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary

  2. Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried shredded flowers, seeds, stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. Chemical components like THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), hashish, hash oil and Sinsemilla are present in marijuana. There are more than 500 components present in the cannabis plant and THC is the most important component. Some of the other components include Cannabinol, THCV and cannabidiol.

  3. Cannabis is the botanic name for the hemp plant cannabis sativa. It is the name for marijuana. From the notched leaves of the cannabis plant marijuana is obtained. Cannabis will make either a large quantity of resin or a large quantity of fibers.THC is the most important chemical component present in this cannabis plant.

  4. Indica are generally more stout (2-4 feet tall) with a lower yield (1.5-2.5 oz). But unlike their cousin Sativa, Indica plants will produce much higher quality bud (18+ % THC content compared to their cousins who generally stay around 12-16%). Indica plants will also give you a couch-lock [body] high, where it is not best to be smoked before social events. A lot of popular flavored bud is Indica. Great for pain and nausea.

  5. Sativa plants are generally taller than Indica's (ranging from 4-12 feet outside) and have bigger yields compared to Indica plants (3.5+ oz per plant outside). Although the plant will produce more bud, the bud is generally not as high quality compared to Indica plants. Sativa cannabis will form a head high, for more social events (common among celebrities, especially musicians).

  6. Cannabis ruderalis is sister of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Cannabis ruderalis is a relatively unknown variety of cannabis, which naturally occurs in the mountains of the Caucasus to Mongolia and China. It is likely that the Cannabis ruderalis originates in the south-east of Russia, after which it has quickly spread in the wild.

  7. For More Info: San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary