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Stronger Economies Together

Stronger Economies Together

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Stronger Economies Together

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  1. WELCOME Stronger Economies Together National Train-the-Trainer Workshop June 1-4, 2010 : Kansas City, MO

  2. Workshop Objectives • Introduce the Stronger Economies Together (SET) training resources to state training teams. • Familiarize workshop participants with strategies that have been incorporated into the SET materials; model the ways in materials can be used to maximize active group participation. • Seek input from the state training teams on needed changes in the SET materials. • Develop a preliminary work plan for your state training team, specifying roles, responsibilities and target dates.

  3. How We Got Here !! • Expanding interest on the part of USDA RD in regional economic development efforts • RD wanted to introduce regional strategies to rural areas of the country • Sought a partnership with SRDC and its sister RRDCs (along with USDA’s NIFA) • Developed cooperative agreement with the SRDC/RRDCs in Sept. 2009

  4. Key Activities • RD wanted to see a tweaking of the regional training resources developed by EDA titled Know Your Region (KYR) • SRDC gathered national team (in Dec 2009) to review the KYR materials. Decision made to significantly revamp KYR. • Team has been working on new materials since the December meeting. New name given to the training resources – Stronger Economies Together(SET)

  5. Key Activities • USDA RD selected target states to take part in SET (PA, WV, OH, MO, LA, KY, AZ, NM) • We developed competitive application process. Two regions to be selected in each of the 8 states • Applications submitted to states in early May; top four applications sent to USDA RD in late May for final selection • Announcement of regional sites to be completed by latter part of June • Also working on the generation of data that are tailored to the selected regions

  6. The Train-the-Trainer Workshop • Intended to introduce the SET training materials to workshop participants • Participants are part of a “State Training Team” from each of the 8 states, plus AR • The “State Training Team” will be involved in the delivery of the SET program in the two regions selected by USDA RD • Teams will launch the SET training in their two region by Sept. 2010

  7. Your Role This Week • Be fully engaged in the training !! • Share your input and constructive comments to the SET national training team. • Help us determine the value of the various exercises, scenarios, and other group activities. • Be an active contributor to your state team’s discussions and deliberations on the SET program.

  8. Special Thanks • USDA RD for investing in this important initiative • Stacey Brayboy and Victor Vasquez • David Sears and Suzette Agans • The national team involved in the development of the SET materials • RRDC directors and staff for their active work with the target states in their region • SRDC staff for their hard work behind the scenes

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