take risks when there s no danger
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Take Risks When There’s No Danger

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Take Risks When There’s No Danger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take Risks When There’s No Danger. In-Class Reading. In-Class Reading: pre-reading questions. What differences could be made if we say “Take risks.” instead of “Take care.” to our friends? (Para 1-2) When are we faced with a risk? (Para 14) What does the word “risk” remind you of?

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in class reading pre reading questions
In-Class Reading: pre-reading questions
  • What differences could be made if we say “Take risks.” instead of “Take care.” to our friends? (Para 1-2)
  • When are we faced with a risk? (Para 14)
  • What does the word “risk” remind you of?
  • What might happen if you confuse risk with danger? (Para 3-7, 9)
  • What could be the (maximum) price for risks? (Para 8)
  • What’s the difference between risk and danger?(Para 10)
  • With the knowledge of the fundamental difference between risk and danger, what could you do the next time you face uncertainty? (Para 14-15-16)
Many of us have grown up with warnings to be careful.

When people leave one another, for example, they often say, “Take care.”

(Para 1)

Have you ever doubt the necessity of saying “take care”

what differences could be made if we say take risks instead of take care to our friends para 1 2
What differences could be made if we say “Take risks.” instead of “Take care.” to our friends? (Para 1-2)

“Take care.”---taking these words too seriously could inhibit your development.

(Do you agree?)

“Take risks.”--- extremely successful?

physically injured or harmed?

back to questions

when are we faced with a risk para 14 1st sentence
When are we faced with a risk?(Para 14, 1st sentence)

---each time you do something new or different.

(BTW, do you want to make a difference or do something new?

—Only with the curiosity and the willing can we possibly make further discussion on this topic.)

back to questions

what does risk remind you of
What does “risk” remind you of?
  • Adventure?
  • Venture?
  • Discomfort?
  • Disapproval?
  • Danger?
  • Your flesh being torn into pieces?
  • You being killed?

(para 3-7)

back to questions

When dealing with risks, many people often believe that risk brings danger.

This is because our language confuse danger with the possibilities of discomfort or disapproval that risk brings. (Para 3)

what might happen if you confuse risk with danger para 7 9
What might happen if you confuse risk with danger? (Para 7, 9)
  • You color your thoughts about the future with alarming thoughts…

You will inhibit your action.

(Para 7)

  • When those strong expressions bother you, you won’t take a risk.

The only things that will be killed areyour initiative, your confidence, and your advancement.

(Para 9)

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what could be the maximum price for risks para 8
What could be the (maximum) price for risks? (Para 8)

You are NOT likely to

be killed or fall into pieces (mistaken expressions)

BUT may

experience some mild discomfort, which is part of the risk for achieving final success.

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what s the difference between risk and danger para 10
What’s the difference between risk and danger?(Para 10)
  • Risk is when an outcome is uncertain.

(uncertainty—possibilities---win-win or just a discomfort)

  • Danger is when your flesh will be torn.

(a metaphor, which implies that (?) )

back to questions

Some new ideas succeed. Some don’t.

The risk of failure does not make the future dangerous.

Your flesh will not get torn during most changes.


---Study one example (Para 12-13)

With the knowledge of the fundamental difference between risk and danger, what could you do the next time you face uncertainty? (Para 14-15-16)
Separate risk from danger.
  • If you know that danger is likely….
  • If you determine that danger is not likely…

If it seems that future is safe…

4. Strategies: danger-free, risk taking

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more about risk taking
More about risk taking
  • The idea of taking risks does not appeal to everyone, but those who truly believe in reaching for the sky often realize early in their lives that it would be impossible for them to do so if they do not take any risks.
  • Some people may be scared to take risks for the fear of failure.
  • one can achieve the impossible only by snapping out of one's present condition and play a few gambles.
  • The maximum that can happen is failure, but those who are bold enough to take risks do not get intimidated by the mere fear of failure.




laocoon s choice and his destiny
Laocoon’s choice and his destiny

when a risk does mean a danger…

Laocoön a Trojanpriest of Poseidon (or Neptune)

In the Trojan War, he warned the Trojans in vain against accepting the Trojan Horse from the Greeks

"Do not trust the Horse, Trojans / Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts.“

Laocoön was strangled by sea snakes, sent by the gods who favored the Greeks.

Because Laocoön had tried to warn the Trojan citizens of the danger of bringing in the wooden horse, he incurred the wrath of the gods.

A priest was familiar to god’s will and was able to predict events before it happened.
  • As a priest, he must have known what could happen (the cruelest punishment from the gods) if he had chosen to tell Trojans the truth.
  • Yet he took the risk. But Troy was still conquered by Greeks, and Laocoon and his sons suffered the consequence in a painful way.
Or does the thought cross your mindthat you might become physically injured or harmed? (Line 6)

Attributive clause?

Appositive clause?

Please fill in the blanks with an appropriate word and then decide whether it is an appositive clause.

The supplies ________ will be sent over within the week.


A) which they have asked for them

B) they have asked for them

C) that they have asked for them

D) they have asked for

Scientists have reached the conclusion ________ the temperature on the earth is getting higher and higher.


A) when B) but C) that D) for that

2. I know a manager whoused to be frightenedbythe thought ofspeaking in front of an audience. (Line 32)

used to do

the thought of相关的词组还有:

at the thought of …一想到······

the very (mere) thought of … 只要一想起 ······ 就 ······

  • 她一想到马上就要毕业了,就觉着很凄惶。
  • She was so upset at the thought of being graduating / that she was going to graduate soon.
  • The very thought of graduation made her blue.

advise, order, demand, desire, insist, request, require, decide, recommend, etc.

If you know that danger is likely, Isuggest that youavoidthe dangerous situation unless you know that you can manage the danger. (Line 46)


从句的谓语动词用(should)+ 动词原形。

The people demandthat ______________________________.

the troops (should ) withdraw at once



The examination instructionsaskthat


the students (should) not use a red pen





Did the thought cross your mind?

If you colour thoughts about the future with alarming thoughts, you will inhibit your action.

mild discomfort

Danger is when your flesh will be torn.





Your flesh will not get torn during most changes.

He createdexcessive anxiety.

She is frightened by the thought of doing sth.

danger-free, risk-taking strategies

1. risk

n. danger of loss, harm, etc. 危险,风险


There is a risk of his getting infected with HINI.

He was willing to serve as a mole into the

gangdom__________________ .

at the risk of his life


=He risked his life serving as a mole into the gandom.

Take risk
  • Risk one’s life / reputation …risk-Verb
  • Risky
2. inhibit (Line 3, Para. 1)

vt. hold someone or something back 妨碍;抑制


Those corrupt officials in government should know how toinhibit their greedy desires.

Doping would probablyinhibithimfrom continuing his career.


3. deal with(Line 9, Para. 3)

1) take action about 处理;对付

It seems that so far the Indian governmentdoes not want to take any action to deal withthe problem of India’s fast-growing population.


Asian countries must act immediately and decisively to exploit a real but short-lived chance todeal with the spread of AIDS in the region.


2) be about; be concerned with 论述;涉及

This bookdeals withthe drug smuggling in some Asian countries.



The next chapter of the noveldeals withthe obstacles he encountered during his youth.

4. confuse(Line 10, Para. 3)

vt. mistake someone or something for someone

or something else 混淆,使混乱


On that matter, you should not have confused black and white.

You must have confused famous gymnast Li Xiaoshuang with Li Dashuang, his twin brother.


Confuse A and B / Confuse … with…


5. alarm(Line 18, Para. 7)

n. warning of danger 警报

The air-raid alarm could be easily heard across the city of Baghdad.


The outbreak of SARS and bird flu ________________ to human being’s consciousness of environmental protection.

sounds an alarm


vt. make people afraid that something unpleasant or

dangerous might happen 使惊恐,使担心


There is nothingto get alarmedabout.

I don’t want to alarm you, but there is a strange man sitting in your garden.


6. likely(Line 20, Para. 8)

adj. probable or expected 可能的,有希望的

It’s quite likely that

__________________ more Shenzhou manned spaceships

will be sent to the outer space in the near future.


Be likely ( to) / be unlikely (to)

7. bother(Line 23, Para. 9)

vt. & vi. be or cause trouble to; worry



Tell the childrento stop bothering their father.


Don’t bother mewith such foolish questions.

8. initiative(Line 24, Para. 9)

n. the ability to start things, especially without

being told to do so 主动性,进取心

He was eventually dismissed ______________________ .

due to the lack of initiative


Unless using your initiative

_______________________, you will easily be defeated by any opponent in the match though you were once the world champion.



vt. begin; set (a scheme, etc. ) working


The National Basketball Association of America decided toinitiate a new planin Asia to further promote the popularity of basketball.


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