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How to build a paddle trail in your community

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How to build a paddle trail in your community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to build a paddle trail in your community. Session II Micro-Level Development February 22, 2006. Community Development. Long term process Sustainability requires Partnerships Deliberate Networking Creative conflict resolution. Community Development.

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how to build a paddle trail in your community

How to build a paddle trail in your community

Session II

Micro-Level Development

February 22, 2006

community development
Community Development
  • Long term process
  • Sustainability requires
    • Partnerships
    • Deliberate Networking
    • Creative conflict resolution
community development1
Community Development
  • No matter how dedicated you are, you can not do this alone
  • Why not?
    • Funding
    • Liability
    • Support
    • Sustainability
  • Idea
  • Public Meeting
  • Steering Committee
  • Asset Mapping
  • SWOT
  • Plan
  • Timeline
  • MOU
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Start the process

Ok fine, I am an individual or small group and I want to build a paddle trail.

So, how do I get started?

initial meeting
Initial Meeting
  • Request a meeting with your county/town planner, parks and recreation director, and county Extension director.
  • Why these three?
n c cooperative extension
N.C. Cooperative Extension
  • In all 100 counties, plus Cherokee Reservation
  • County, State, Federal Government partnership
  • Educators and Professional Facilitators
  • Provides technical assistance to farmers, families, and other landowners
  • Assists with community development
county town planner
County/Town Planner
  • Responsible for Municipal planning process
  • Is aware of long term planning goals
  • Coordinates with tax and land records offices
  • Understands permitting process
parks recreation director
Parks & Recreation Director
  • Managing parks facilities & recreational programming
  • Networked with local conservation groups and recreational clubs
  • Access to PARTF grant
at the initial meeting
At the initial meeting
  • Develop a list of stakeholders
  • Determine who should personally contact each stakeholder
  • Locate a facility to hold the public meeting
  • Set a date
potential stakeholders
Potential Stakeholders
  • Municipal & Elected Officials
  • Wildlife Resources
  • Tourism contacts
  • Landowners
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Community College Faculty
  • Religious & Volunteer Organizations
potential stakeholders1
Potential Stakeholders
  • Non-government Organizations
  • Business Owners
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Community/Economic Development Officers
  • Emergency Management
  • Media
  • And of course, paddlers!
public meeting
Public Meeting
  • Arrange date for public meeting
  • Publicize meeting openly and extensively at least 4 weeks prior
  • Can be held in conjunction with other large well publicized event such as municipal strategic plan or SCORP plan
public meeting1
Public Meeting
  • Provide the following information to show how different factions can benefit from adding a paddle trail to your community.
  • State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
  • If the state is going to effectively address its outdoor recreational needs, the commitment must come from within North Carolina.
  • A cooperative effort is needed from all interested agencies, groups, and individuals to build support for quality recreational opportunities and natural resource conservation.
paddle trail benefits landowner s perspective
Paddle Trail Benefits?Landowner’s Perspective
  • Earn supplemental income
  • Teach others about what rural life is really like
  • Create jobs for family members
  • Diversify products
  • Preserve land and farmland
paddle trail benefits visitor perspective
Paddle Trail Benefits Visitor Perspective
  • Rural is safe and wholesome
  • Re-connect with nature
  • Desire for non-MTV recreation
  • Natural areas are diminishing as cities and suburbs sprawl (supply decreases, demand increases)
  • Teach kids/ grandkids about rural life/ growing up outside the city
  • Unique
paddle trail benefits community perspective
Paddle Trail BenefitsCommunity Perspective

Fabulous mix of

  • Cultural preservation/ celebration
  • Farm/ open space preservation
  • Education
  • Economic development
  • Rural/ community pride and vitality
paddle trail benefits developer s perspective
Paddle Trail BenefitsDeveloper’s Perspective
  • Why include Real Estate Agents and Developers?
  • Palmetto Bluff
potential tourism products
Potential Tourism Products
  • Water activities – canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hunting
  • Camping/ lodging
  • Guided educational & eco-friendly tour packages
  • Special events/ festivals
nc tourism
NC Tourism
  • Local County Contacts
  • Heritage Tourism Contacts
public meeting2
Public Meeting
  • Assess interest in group for planning paddle trail
  • Determine if there are enough people interested in serving on a steering committee
public meeting3
Public Meeting
  • If not, stop the process!
  • You will have to work on building personal communications with individuals in the community until enough critical mass is reached to make the effort sustainable.
steering committee responsibilities
Steering CommitteeResponsibilities

If there is enough interest to proceed:

  • Elect steering committee members
  • Plan for email/internet updates
  • Schedule at least one physical meeting per month
steering committee responsibilities1
Asset Mapping

SWOT Analysis

Planning Considerations


Strategic Plan




Starting the process

Steering CommitteeResponsibilities
steering committee responsibilities2
Steering CommitteeResponsibilities
  • TAKE NOTES! chronicling the process is imperative
  • Send updates to all people involved
  • Write press releases for media/public meetings
asset mapping
Asset Mapping
  • List all positive features of your community
  • Determine how a possible trail could complement those features
  • Network with the people in charge of those features
  • Involve them in the process
swot analysis
SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
    • Be creative
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
    • Be proactive
  • Asset Mapping and SWOT Analysis procedures are very complex!
  • These take many meetings over a series of months/years to develop.
  • Experienced, trained facilitators are required.
planning considerations
Planning Considerations
  • Balance with surrounding area
  • Community Involvement
  • Educational Programming
  • Funding for development
  • Health regulations
  • Interpretation
planning considerations1
Liability/ safety


Staff/ skills


Visitor/ site-readiness


Planning Considerations
  • Network in your community/region
  • Support local business efforts
  • Cross promote with other trails
  • Keep the tourism/economic/municipal officers and extension personnel informed about your business
  • Support your community
  • Develop a comprehensive, dynamic plan
  • Set goals that are
    • Measurable
    • Specific
    • Attainable
  • Determine responsibilities
  • Make it Realistic
  • Make it Fluid
  • Have Specific Milestones
memorandum of understanding
Memorandum of Understanding
  • Determination of which agencies will be responsible for what action.
  • It is not legally binding, but rather serves as clarification.
  • The signing should be a ceremony or event.
  • It takes a great deal of effort to coordinate volunteers and keep momentum
  • Recruit them
  • Manage them
  • Nurture them
  • Remember they are not paid!
start the process
Start the Process
  • Small steps
  • Attainable goals
  • Maintain momentum
  • Publicize/Praise efforts
  • Celebrate events
the efforts can be worthwhile

The efforts can be worthwhile:

Michigan Heritage Water Trails

contact information
Contact Information

Eric N Caldwell

County Extension Director

Transylvania County

Phone: (828) 884-3109

Fax: (828) 884-3142

Mail Address:

203 E Morgan St

Brevard, NC   28712