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Dream Horse

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Dream Horse
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Dream Horse

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  1. Dream Horse By Olivia Orford Cameron Harvey

  2. Chapter 1 It was a boiling hot summers day in Soldeo, when the school bell rang and hundreds of Children flooded into the street – shouting and screaming . But one little 7 year old girl wandered across the street to an oldish woman, who took her by the hand and lead her into an old fashioned farm house, with a massive plot of land behind it.

  3. She invited another 7 year old girl to her old farm house. The farm house belonged to the little girl and her mother there was no father she soon found out Melisa-who helped her mum run the farm house-had never seen her father. Soon everyone new Melisa had no farther.

  4. A few weeks later Melisa went up into the mountains to round up the sheep when she got distracted by a distant neigh!

  5. Chapter 2 She walked up the ragged path for what seemed like ETERNITY . Eventually she found a bigish rock to plonk her little bum on. When she saw a figure laying on the ground behind the trees.

  6. Melisa tiptoed towards the foals head and introduced herself to the horse. “I think I’m going to call you Megan”, she whispered in Megan's ear. She ran home to get Michelle (Melisa’s mother) she explained everything

  7. Her mum rushed out of the house( still wearing her fluffy slippers on) it was a miracle her mother managed to get the ambulance crew out and borrow an ambulance bed to push the injured horse down the bumpy mountain side and into the old dusty wood barn. Eighteen months later Megan was standing grazing like nothing ever happened.

  8. Chapter 3 After about one hour, Melisa strolled over to her mum and spoke her lip quivering lip “it’s only $109.70 for you and $98.67 for me and I’ve got $209.7 in my money draw. “Fine ,of Corse we can honey,” mum said with a smile. “Mum, can we take Megan,” pleaded Melisa. “NO that would cost to much money”, her mother shouted from the kitchen now making tea

  9. Melisa wandered off to watch the Sarah Jane adventures. It was the day they were going to spixworth. The whole time they were on the easy jet air bus, after the four hour delay, Melisa was nagging her mum” our we there yet” “No”, her mother replied. Two weeks later, all refreshed from there two week hols,

  10. , Melisa went into the field to check on Megan when she found a little colt shivering as it staggered towards Megan ( its mother) “Mum you can name him”, Melisa shouted to her mother. “I’ll call him Limerick sweaty”, Replied her mother.

  11. Chapter 4 Two years later Melisa and her mum sat down for along chat and wondered what to do about Megan and limerick because they were getting poorer by the day and eventually we’ll be starving and so will they. “I know, we can list all of the reasons for them to go and for them to stay”, suggested her mother.

  12. To stay, Food Drink Become used to humans Help with the farm work 4

  13. Go, Independent Breed Have a wilder life And learn to hunt Be free 5

  14. “Melisa we done what we said so you know what’s going to happen so lets take them up to the mountains were we found Megan tomorrow”, her mother carried on. They were on the top of the mountain about to let them go .“3, 2 ,1 “ they were gone.

  15. Chapter 5 • 25 years later they went up the very same mountain. They found Megan and looked around when they heard a distressed horse and a shot .when Melisa turned round her mother was on the floor with a bloody path on her chest. Then there was another shot and melisa was shot in the head by the hunters. By the time the hunters found them it was to late, it was there time.