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Tales of Agent Shadow Book One. By Tyrel.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Hi my agent name is Shadow my real name is unimportant. I work for the SIAA (Secret International Agents Association). A week after my mission in the Amazon I was called in for my next mission. This mission is my top priority if I don’t pay attention to it…... Well lets just say the that the Earth will no longer exist. In other words this mission is top secret. Sorry I can’t tell you what it is. The man responsible for this is Snake. A wanted criminal for attempting to destroy our own space station The ISS. A world wide project.
I gathered my equipment and gadgets and packed up but the only thing that was wrong with the mission is that nobody knows where Snake’s hide out is. But a Spy from Greece notified me that Snakes base might be there but another Spy informed me that he saw Snake in Hawaii. Which place should I go, Hawaii or the Caribbean?

Go to the Caribbean?Go to Hawaii?

I bought my ticket to Hawaii and headed for the Airport. When the plane landed I felt like somebody was watching me the whole time I was headed to the airport and went on the plane. Whoever was following me I had to loose him before I head for the SIAA’s Hawaiian branch undersea base. After a couple of blocks it seemed like that the person who was following me disappeared.
So I headed to my check point to meet a fellow Spy mate to take me to the undersea base. When we got to a building (disguised I found out it was only the entrance. I said “how are we going to get their?”. The fellow spy, codename Zack said “we just have to go down the hall and go around the corner and keep walking until we reach an elevator at the end of the hall”.
It was a long walk until we reached the elevator and I saw Zack typing down a really long series of codes on a touch pad beside the elevator. The codes were so long that each code took at least 1minute to do. Luckily their were only 10 codes and that Zack types fast. Looks like you have to, to work in this branch of the SIAA because there’s a time limit on how long you can type in the codes. If you pass the time limit you’ll be thrown out.
When the doors slide open we stepped inside and a censor pops out to see our badges to make sure we’re we work for the SIAA and not enemy spy. 40 floors down I can see the whole base through a mirror on the elevator from above. It was a few more floors until we reached the main floor there was a few more floors down which are the rooms for the scientists and the agents but we had to stop on the main floor to get the file about the mission.
When we stepped out of the elevator and the commander of the base came to greet us “nice to have you here Shadow. I’m the commander of this base my name is commander Jake Zain but you can call me Jake for short. I’m guessing they’ve already briefed you about the mission back at the main base. That will make it easier for you to understand. Follow me”. I just nodded and followed him to the looking glass that faces the ocean at the front of the base.
They told me more about what’s happening, about Snake’s Ion ray, about what will happen if I don’t stop him and more. “Do you know where Snakes Ion ray is or his base?” I said. “I’m sorry but that’s the only information we don’t have” said the commander. After that Zack took me to my room 2 floors down. When I stepped inside I could see a huge window over looking the reef. The view was amazing. I was stunned at the site with all the fishes and corals it was just amazing.
I took a shower and got ready to go search for Snakes base. I got onto the elevator and stopped on the main floor for my gadgets and a map of Hawaii then I met Zack and we headed out to search. “It’s been an hour already, where’s Snakes base?” I said. “Looks like we need to split up to cover more ground” Zack said. “I agree” I say. And we split up. Moments later I find nothing until I hear Zack scream through the head piece communicator I was wearing in my right ear. I responded but no answer then I here voice but it wasn’t Zack’s voice it was someone else's.
“Hello agent Shadow” said the voice. “Who is this?” I said. “That is none of your consern but what should be your concern is your little partner here what’s his name? Zack was it, well I hope you get to him in time before the sharks do. Hahaha”. “Where are you?!”. “That’s for you to figure out” said the voice. Moments later I figured out who the voice belonged to. It was Snake. I couldn’t return to the base because I don’t know the codes to open the gates to the elevator so I just set out and find Zack but I don’t have my gadgets because they were with Zack. Well most of them that is. Should I go and find Zack with out my gadgets or go back to the base.
I couldn’t return to the base because I don’t know the codes to open the gates to the elevator so I just set out to find Zack but I only have some of my gadgets because most of them were with Zack. So Should I go and find Zack with only some of my gadgets or go back to the base.

Go back to base? Find Zack?

I reached the gate of the base and continued walking until I reached the elevator, now the only problem left is the codes to open the gates to the elevator. I have no idea what the codes are so I tried hacking it but I was pushed back by an invisible wave, so I tried calling the base through my communicator and a voice answered back it was the commander. I asked him what the codes to the base is but he said “where’s agent Zack?”. “he was captured by Snake” I said. “I need to get in and get my gadgets to find him” I said. He tells me the codes and a few minutes later the doors slide open and I step inside.
I start to descent. 46 floors later I reached the main floor. When I stepped out I see they already prepared my gadgets so I prepared myself and left after Zack but I couldn’t find him. I searched and search but there no signs of him. When I was about to give up I saw something moving in the water. It’s. It’s Zack he must have escaped some how, with out hesitation I run to his location jumped into the water and swam to wards him. When I reached him I could see that he was badly injured and bleeding a lot. I needed to get him to dry land. I called the base when we reached the beach and told them that I’ve found Zack and that he needs medical attention immediately. It took a couple of minutes for them reach the beach where we were at but got here
It took a couple of minutes for them reach the beach where we were at but when they got here the medical team took action and took Zack back to base to have a surgery and to take care of his wounds and injuries. Zack awoke after 3days. He’s going to be okay. I entered his room to ask him what had happened to him and where was he taken but he was unable to answer. The doctor came in and told me that he hasn’t fully recovered yet and that I had to wait a couple more days to ask Zack my questions.
But it was to late. Snake already fired his ion laser and the world was des……
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The End

I searched and searched but I couldn’t find him so I checked the beach. But nothing. Until I thought of our base being under water, so I thought that Zack and Snakes base might be under water… so why not. I called the base to send me a scuba gear and some gadgets. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier,” I mumbled. I also told the boat team to rendezvous with me at the beach when they got here I jumped inside the boat and we headed out. A few miles out into the ocean we stopped the boat, geared up and jumped into the water. “I heard that sharks come here to feed at this time. So we better be careful,” I said. “yes sir,” said the team.
It’s amazing down here, so full of life. But it’s not the time to go sightseeing I have to go find Zack and Snake. We’ve been down here for a while but still found nothing about the location of Snakes base or Zack. “Shadow,” said on of the crew members with me, “maybe we should go back to the boat and search somewhere else.” “Very well,” I said. As we ascend to the surface I see it, large and long a few meters away, a great white shark.
We float up carefully making sure it doesn’t notice us. We were lucky. It didn’t notice us. As we reached the surface we swim to the boat as quickly as we can but not as fast that the shark below would notice and come after us. We got onto the boat and went to a different area far away from that spot with the Great White. A kilometer away from the spot we ready our selves to dive until I remembered something. I forgot that there were tracking devises in Zack’s gadgets. After a couple of minutes I found the gadget that I was looking for and patched it up to the tracking devise in the gadgets that Zack has.
Although I know they were taken away from Zack I know that they’re still in Snakes base so I can’t only use the tracking devise to find Zack I can also use them to find Snake’s base. We followed the signal far, far, far away from the harbor and the beach and we dropped anchor, we geared up and dove into the water. But what we didn’t know is that the base was home to a bunch of corals, fish and other sea creatures perfect hunting grounds for sharks. “What was that?” I said in a curios voice. Then I heard a scream behind me. “AAAHHHH!” When I turned around the water was covered in BLOOD!
The moment I turned around I knew that we weren’t alone or now I should say I’m not alone. When the blood cleared I could see them by the numbers. This is THE END!
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I set every thing up with the SIAA Caribbean branch to send someone to pick me up at the airport over there, then I started packing and headed to the airport. Hours later the plane landed and I headed to my rendezvous spot to meet up with another agent (Code named Max) to take me to the SIAA Caribbean branch base. The base was kilometers away off shore on an island so we had to take a boat ride to get there. when we docked at the peer I could see that the base was still miles away so we needed to drive there but from here you couldn’t miss the site of the towering Caribbean branch SIAA base.
When we arrived I found out that the building was only a decoy base and that the real one’s under the building. We got in an elevator and I saw Max opening a secret hatch and pressing a button that had a picture on it that kind of looks like the SIAA’s sign. The elevator started to descend but I don’t know how many floors there are until we reach the main base so I decided to just wait until the elevator stopped. I don’t know how deep we are under ground or I thought we were underground but really we’re under water.
It looks like the Base was dug right into the island because when all the earth on the other side of the elevator window disappeared all I can see is the vast ocean stretched to as far as I can see. The site is amazing! Full of fish and corals and all kinds of different sea life, once that I haven’t seen very often. We finally reached the main floor of the base. It felt like ages since left the building up above oh well. “Good afternoon I’m Charles, I’m the Commander of this branches base. Nice meet agent Shadow.” “Nice to meet you to Com. Charles,” I say in return.
“You can just call me Charles for short. If you want?” “Sure. Charles,” I say while shaking his hand. “So I here you’ve spotted Snake here?” I say. “I’m sorry but you’re to late he left for his main base somewhere else on Earth,” Charles said. “I see. Very well,” I say. “But don’t worry,” Charles said, “ we’ve got other information about Snake and his Ion Laser,” “Oh and what is this information?” I say in a questioning voice. “Follow me,” Charles said.
I followed him into a room and he told me about the information's that his agent’s have gathered. “So if he isn’t stopped it would mean Armageddon?” I asked. “I’m afraid so,” Charles said in reply. “This isn’t a game anymore. You have to stop him Shadow.” Charles said, “Before it’s to late.” “I know,” I say. “So any Idea on where I should start looking for this base of his in this region?” I say. “Yes I do. We detected something far south from this base.
We believe that that’s where Snakes men are going to activate the Ion Laser,” he said. “Why doesn’t he activate the laser by himself? Why does he need other people to do it for him?” I say. “Because. He doesn’t want to get caught,” Charles replied. “hmm,” I say. “Thanks. Looks like I’ll be going,” I say while going out the door. On my way to the elevator I meet up with Max he said, “We’ve got all your things ready. But are you ready?” he says. “Of course I am,” I say in return.
So when I got all my gadgets organized Max and I set out to the elevator and we descended to the very last floor of the base where our sub is waiting for us. “From the outside looked small but now that I’m inside I can see that’s really roomy,” I say. “that’s SIAA Tech. for you,” Max said. “Yea,” I say. Max pressed a button and the sub plunged right into water. “We start our journey by…” I start. “What are you doing?” Max asked. “Well I’m talking to the reader that’s reading this story…” I start to say. “Well can you at least keep it to yourself!” Max said annoyed. “Fine,” I say.
Anyway. Before we were rudely interrupted we started our journey heading south as the Commander has told me. Then soon after we see it a Huge dome a mile away. “Looks like we found it,” I say. “Yea,” Max replied. We landed the sub nearby behind some corals for camouflage then we get ready to go out into the waters. We reached the dome so now the only thing we have to do is get inside, capture Snakes men and destroy the Laser on the moon.
“We’ve been circling this dome for hours and still we haven’t found an entrance,” I say in an annoyed voice. “Yea,” Max responded, “I know. But the odd thing is that they haven’t noticed us yet. What do you thing Shadow?” Hmm Max is right we’ve been here circling there base for hours but no trap has sprung yet. What’s going on? “Hey Shadow,” Max said, “What are we going to do now?” “Make our own way in,” I said back to him. Now we have to figure out how to do that! Nothing. “Looks like we’re going to have to back here,” I say. “Yea it’s getting late anyways,” Max said. We got into the sub and we made our way back to the base.
“Have you found anything?” asked commander Charles. “yep,” I say in return. “What is it?” Charles asked. “We found their base but there was no entrance and the odd thing is that no trap was sprung or anything. It’s as if they new that we weren’t going to be able to get in,” I say. “Hmm,” said the commander. “What do you suppose we do Commander?” I ask. “I’m thinking,” Charles replied. We stand for minutes not knowing what to do until somebody suggested.
“What if we drill our way through the dome?” the voice said. “No!” I say, “They’ll notice us for sure if we did that!” I say in an almost yelling voice. “Then what do you think we should do Shadow?” asked the Charles. “I don’t know,” I say. “Well I say we go with it,” Charles said. “Why?” I ask. “Because even if we do get caught at least the base is flooded. Then after, to make sure every thing is destroyed we send a bomb inside and detonate it. Insuring everything is destroyed even the Laser detonator” he replies back.

Go with the planTry something else

It is a good Idea but I have a bad feeling about it though……… And I was right.
  • “A week has past since the destruction of Snakes base and his Laser so we should be happy about it because our planet is saved. But during the operation of our plan many was lost in the explosion and in the destruction of Snake’s base including my partner Max who I just made friends with before the operation to destroy Snake’s base commenced and also Commander Chares. Today we honor the lives that gave there all in this plan to save the world. Let them rest in piece,” I said. The ones that died was buried in the cemetery in the spot that’s reserved for the deaths of an SIAA agent.
Long after. I returned to my home back in the US and saw that everyone in the SIAA’s main base was mourning for the lives that was lost. But it wasn’t long until the mourning has past and all the agents and workers at the base went back to their daily lives doing what they do. And me waiting for another mission to receive .

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The End

“No,” I say, “We can do something else. That plan is to dangerous! We could get caught up in the explosion.” “If that’s what you think than what else can we do Shadow?” the commander said. “Do you have a teleporter here?” I asked. “Yes. We could use that to teleport our selves in the base and destroy it,” Charles said. “Right,” I say. “Lets do this,” Max said. The bomb squad was called in for this mission because they’re highly experienced with bombs. We all gathered our equipment and time bombs and headed to the room with the teleporter.
Commander Charles typed in the codes at the side of the teleporter to activate it and to put in the location of our destination. The teleporter was activated and we entered it. On the other side we gather. Our enemy didn’t notice us because there were only a few of us. After we got the bombs organized they were divided among us then we split up to place them around the base. We only had 20 minutes to do this then we had to go back to this spot and teleport back so there was no room for errors.
Each of the bombs were divided between us there are 20 bombs and 40 of us looks like it’s equal. We placed all our bombs on the spots we were told to without being noticed then we head back to are meeting spot and waited until we were transported back. But it looks like we won’t be going anywhere. Busted. We were out numbered 20 to 50 guys I think. I couldn’t really count them all. But anyways were in trouble. Until a light appeared and we knew that it was the teleporter teleporting us back to base. Lucky us.
“Ready to detonate?” the commander said. “Go ahead,” I say back. I never knew that the vibration of the explosion would reach here. Those are some strong bombs! “Mission accomplished,” Max said. “Right,” I say. “No not yet,” Charles said. “Why?” I asked. “We still need to destroy the Ion Laser remember,” Charles said. That’s right I forgot about that. “What are you planning on doing?” I say. But he just smiled. Hmm I wonder what he’s thing? “Just leave the rest to me and to the rest of the Commanders,” he says.

The End

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