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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? .

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The products of today’s modern media are so specifically crafted for the desired target market that conventional techniques of them can be hard to incorporate, however correctly applying these conventions can implicate a professional looking magazine – so I have tried to portray some of these elements in my magazine. Linking media’s to the wider world of media is extremely popular and common in today’s world, almost every aspect of businesses, celebrities, sporting clubs, charities etc. Are all wired on social networking sites, main ones being Facebook and Twitter and also the use of YouTube; this in fact has such a explosive impact as through connecting media’s by application of links, you’re providing audiences to explore everything to the max, for example: my magazine uses web-links and social icon links – when trying to provide audiences with more information (in this case its tour dates of concerts) – this techniques is capitalised by most media’s today as social networking is now so accessible in today’s life. Music magazines in this era usually have a central focus on typical music stars of their music genre, trying to entice the target audiences by suspected role models. ‘NME’ (new musical express) magazine – focus on a vast amount of genre (always keeping things fresh and up to date developing with age e.g. Producing a ‘NME’ app available for smart phones) – each en-captures many types of audience and so this is probably why they dominate the British music media market. If we oppose ‘NME’ to a music magazine such as ‘Kerrang’ we can clearly see the chosen front cover stars ‘Green Day’ are stars of the rock genre – the type of magazine ‘Kerrang’ is, with the crazy rock hair and wide eyed gazing pose all features to notify its genre.


In my magazine I have tried to create the front page model to advocate the genre through clothing and posing stance, therefore attracting my tar get market. I mentioned earlier that now music media’s are trying to evolve with technology, in the instance of ‘NME’ releasing an app for smart phones means they can now readily reach their target market with ease, making their magazine more accessible. My magazine includes the advertisement for an app of my magazine – I believe this modernises the magazine and express the professionalism and understanding of today’s media application.