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Top 5 Video Games for Couples PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Video Games for Couples

Top 5 Video Games for Couples

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Top 5 Video Games for Couples

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  1. Top 5 Video Games for Couples Love is in the air and it s time to countdown Video Game Couples greatest hookups! 

  2. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are feeling the love here at The Nerd Stash and decided to reflect upon it. With so many classic couples in film, television, and literature we felt it was time to pay respect to the gaming side of romance. 

  3. James Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan: Starcraft Series • Surprised? Yes, it’s true that Mario and Peach are the most well-known video game couples, but the lengths both Raynor and Kerrigan have gone for each other dwarfs that. Originally both human, it wasn’t until Kerrigan was infested and mutated into the now “Queen of Blades” that the depth of their love was apparent.

  4. Mario and Peach: Super Mario Series • Apparently repetition and a good dose of kidnapping are the keys to a healthy, loving relationship; otherwise, I cannot really explain how Mario and Peach stay together. Acting as the gaming embodiment of the classic, fairy tale love story, Mario has traversed many worlds, again and again, to be with Peach.

  5. Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough: Final Fantasy VII • Sometimes love spans decades, others only last day, and in terms of Cloud and Aerith  it only made it to the end of disc one! While the game is clearly setting us up to believe that Aerith, a flower seller, is going to be the main romantic interest for our hero Cloud; no one could have expected such a sudden demise. 

  6. Geralt of Rivia and TrissMerigold: The Witcher Series • Surprised it’s not Yennefer? Well let’s be honest here,  Yennefer is kind of a complete jerk to Geralt. Triss and Geralt have a long history together, spanning the entire game series where the player has multiple occasions of wooing the fiery haired mage.

  7. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance: Half-Life 2 • Does someone need to speak in order to develop an emotional connection? If you’re the sexy scientist turned world savior and probable sociopath Gordon Freeman the answer is ‘no.’ Since the start of Half-Life 2, there is clear romantic tension between the duo despite never being explicitly stated by the game itself.

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