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欢迎光临指导. Unit 21 Karl Marx. Lesson 81 Dialogue. 制作人:杨转萍. White House. Cambridge. Sydney. Answer the questions. 1What are Yang Mei and Sara talking about? 2How is Yang Mei getting on with her English studies? 3What ’ s Yang Mei ’ s problem in her English studies ?

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unit 21 karl marx
Unit 21 Karl Marx

Lesson 81 Dialogue


answer the questions
Answer the questions
  • 1What are Yang Mei and Sara talking about?
  • 2How is Yang Mei getting on with her English studies?
  • 3What’s Yang Mei’s problem in her English studies ?
  • 4Does she know the differences between “have a cold” and “catch a cold”?
  • 5What are the differences between “cut this tree down” and “cut this tree up”?
  • 6Why are little words like “up” and “down” difficult to learn?
  • 7Why does Sara tell Yang Mei the story of the woodcutter?
language points
Language points:
  • Have a talk with sb 与某人交谈

eg: I want to have a talk with you.

Get on/along well / nicely / badly with….


eg:My work is getting along well。

How is your work getting on?

I can’t get along with them.They are too untidy.

Improve:vi 改善;提高


eg:My English is improving.

=I am improving my English.

You can improve your spoken English by

practicing speaking it every day.

动词+宾语+宾补(形容词,名词,现在分词 ,过去分词,介词短语)

eg:Don’t leave the boy alone at home.

You must keep it a secret.

Do you smell something burning?

He couldn’t make himself understood when

speaking English.

Please make yourself at home.

可带宾补的常见动词有: keep,make,find,think,leave,consider….

In what way?在哪方面呢?

in many ways 在很多方面

in every way 在各个方面

in the way 挡道

by the way 顺便问一下

Of one’s own 强调属于某人自己的,作定语修饰名词或代词

The students have opinions of their own.

I will soon have a house of my own.

I think so. I don’t think so. I think not.

I suppose so . I don’t suppose so . I suppose not.

I believe so . I don’t believe so. I believe not.

I except so. I don’t except so. I except not.

I hope so. I hope not.

I’m afraid so。 I’m afraid not.

Come across:happen to meet 碰巧遇见

eg:I come across a friend of mine in the street..

Answer :vt,vi


answer the question /the letter

reply to the question /the letter

应门或接电话不能用reply to

answer the door /the telephone

Cut down 砍倒,减少,降低

cut up=cut into pieces 切碎


Of our own

  • 1 We have got a house ________________.


2 I’d like to know how __________________________.


You are getting along with your English


have a talk with you

  • I’d like to _________________.(和你谈谈)

much easier to learn

  • Now I found English ________________.



came across him

  • I ___________ (偶然遇见他)in the street yesterday.
  • 1 Read this dialogue and learn it by heart.
  • 2 Go over what we learnt today.
  • 3 Ex 2,3