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Quality &Validation Department (Q &V)

BUE. Quality &Validation Department (Q &V). What’s the Quality & Validation ?.

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Quality &Validation Department (Q &V)

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  1. BUE Quality &Validation Department (Q &V)

  2. What’s the Quality & Validation?

  3. Quality and Validation is part of the University Registrar’s Department and is responsible for policy development and operational oversight of the academic quality assurance and enhancement procedures and UK validation arrangements

  4. Who are Quality & Validation Staff ?

  5. Head of Quality & Validation Dr.Tony Abbott Deputy Head Mr.AhmedFouad Assessment &Quality Team Student Record System Team Ms. Noura Ali Mr. Assem Al Sayad Ms. NehalOsman Mrs. ShaimaaMahdy Ms.Mirette.Rezkalla Ms.Nadine El-hussainy Mr. Mohamed Samir Ms.BasmaSadek

  6. How to contact us?

  7. All the students are welcome to pass our office in anytime.Our location: Building (E) first floor Room Number (213)

  8. You can contact us by e-mail Our email address (Q&VStaff@bue.edu.eg)

  9. Students can get help from Q &V on a variety of topics.But we urge students to read their handbooks before seeking advice!

  10. The students can use the Q & V Department regarding the following topics : • Advice on: • Writing an Academic Appeal form (AP). • Writing an Impaired Performance form.(IP) • Receiving Transcript, Module Specification &Degree Certificates. • Enquiries regarding ; Exams, (exams dates, exam Time table publishing date & Results for each semester during the academic year) • Providing special needs students during the exams with separate room and/or extra time.

  11. When you can make an Impaired performance claim (IP).

  12. The following types of impaired performance claim normally are eligible for consideration: • Claims referring to a serious or significant medical condition or illness (to include both physical and mental health problems). • Claims referring to exceptional personal circumstances (e.g. serious illness or death of an immediate family member or close friend, including participation in funeral and associated rites; being a victim of crime). • Claims referring to exceptional travel circumstances beyond a student’s or his/her family’s control which prevented a student from attending an examination or other scheduled assessment.

  13. When you can make an Academic Appeal (AP).

  14. The Student can appeal against: • The mark you have been awarded for a module. • A decision of an examination board about your progression, that is, whether you are allowed to move • into the next year of your programme. • A decision of an examination board about your final degree award, that is, whether to award you a degree or not, and what classification you are awarded. • A decision of a Dean or equivalent person to penalise you for cheating, academic misconduct or plagiarism.

  15. The student can do Appeal Claim regarding the following two reasons: • That the University has done something wrong or behaved incorrectly • for example: • that there was a page missing from your exam paper and you could not answer all the questions. • that you were given incorrect and misleading information, or that the examiner treated you unfairly and differently from the other students. • or that the University did not follow its own procedures in dealing with you. • That you were sick, or something else happened to you that meant you could not perform as well as you should have, and you had a very good reason for not informing the University of this before through the IP Procedure.

  16. If you think your mark should be higher, speak to your module leader first through submitting a feedback request. If after speaking to your professor, you are still not satisfied, and you think you can show that you have grounds for appealing, then you should make an appeal.

  17. How the student can do the Impaired Performance(IP)and the Appeal Claims (AP)?!

  18. Impaired performance Claim • You claim in each Semester for any affected assessments held in that Semester. • Print out an Impaired Performance form from the BUE website from the Q & V section, you will find section called (Forms) • Complete the form after the due dates of the assessments about which you wish to claim, and submit it by the published deadline for each semester, which can be found in the academic calendar in the BUE website. • Follow carefully the instructions for completion given on the form. If any information is missing from the form your claim will be dismissed.

  19. Return the completed form and independent supporting evidence to the Q & V office by the deadline. Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your independent supporting evidence is provided with an English translation and on time.

  20. Appeal Claim: • Print out an appeal form from BUE website under the Q & V section which called forms. • Complete the form, taking special care to complete all sections.

  21. Get documents to support your case and attach them to the appeal form. • Example: • A letter from a professor to explain something that happened. • A medical report. (Translated in English). • Give the completed form with the supporting Documents back to the Q & V office before the deadline. Get documents to support your case and attach them to the appeal form. This could be things like a letter from a professor to explain something that happened, or a medical report. You are responsible for providing all the necessary information: do not assume someone else will do that for you. Think of it as being a little like a legal case – you must provide enough evidence for the appeals committee to understand everything about your case and make an informed decision.Give the completed form, and all the supplementary documents, back to the Quality & Validation Office before the deadline.

  22. WelcometoBUE

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