learning physics and astronomy with songs n.
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Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs. PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs.

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Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs. PTLG Physics Teachers Lunch Group Presentation. (Or Physics to listen to while doing your homework.). Dr. Steven Sahyun UWW Physics. Workshop Physics: Physics Pholk Songs. 1. The Bricklayer's Song 2. Applesauce 3. Pool Table Physics Lab Rap

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Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs.

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    1. Learning Physics and Astronomy with Songs. PTLG Physics Teachers Lunch Group Presentation (Or Physics to listen to while doing your homework.) Dr. Steven Sahyun UWW Physics

    2. Workshop Physics: Physics Pholk Songs 1. The Bricklayer's Song 2. Applesauce 3. Pool Table Physics Lab Rap 4. Galaxy Song 5. Motion Detector Rag 6. Newton's Laws 7. I'm My Own Grandpaw 8. Particles...Quant'em 9. Electricity and History 10. How Colors Delight 11. Simple Harmonic Oscillator Rap 12. To Sir Isaac 13. The Elements 14. First and Second Law http://physics.dickinson.edu/~wp_web/wp_songs.html

    3. M A S S I V EMath And Science Songs “The MASSIVE database contains information on over 2000 science and math songs. Some of these songs are suitable for 2nd graders; others might only appeal to professors. … Some are quite silly; others are downright serious.” http://www.science-groove.org/MASSIVE/ Massive Radio channel on Live365.com

    4. Outline: Particle Physics Songs E&M and Light Songs Astronomy Songs.

    5. Part 1: Particle Physics Songs

    6. Matter and substructure 10-10 m 10-14 m 10-15 m 10-18 m

    7. Birth of the Bubble Chamber In 1952 Donald Glaser invented the bubble chamber, a device that shows the path of particles and high-energy interactions as a line of bubble trails. It was a basic component of almost all high-energy physics experiments in the mid 20th century, and was the instrument of detection of many strange new particles and phenomena. For this invention, Glaser received the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics. http://www.case.edu/menu/sciencecenter/nobel_laureates.htm

    8. Birth of the Bubble Chamber by Arthur Roberts of the University of Chicago http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/roberts/1985/roberts1985.htm http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~phylabs/pictures/bbc_3.jpg http://esmane.physics.lsa.umich.edu/wl/cern/hst/2006/20060705-umwlcd0004-04-jones/real/f001.htm

    9. Some People Don’t Know Where to Stop! Arthur Roberts Baryons Mesons The Particle Zoo http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/roberts/1985/roberts1985.htm

    10. The Standard Model http://particleadventure.org/particleadventure/frameless/generations.html

    11. Things made out of quarks Hadrons Mesons (2 quarks: normal + anti) , , K Baryons (3 quarks) Heavy particles. p, n, , , , 

    12. Baryons Charge Proton p =uud Neutron n =udd

    13. Written and sung by Lynda Williams, The Physics Chanteuse, Cosmic Cabaret Quark Sing-a-Long http://www.scientainment.com/songs.html (refrain) Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom! The World is made up of Quarks and Leptons! Up, Down, Charm, Strange,Top and Bottom! Yum! Yum! Quarks come in six flavors They live in families of two. Up Down, Charm Strange, Top and Bottom! They come in anti-flavors too! Each family makes a generation between which is a mass gap. The up quark is the lightest and the top quark is the most fat! The second and third generations do not live for very long. That's why everything in the Universe is made up of Ups and Downs! (refrain) Quarks carry a color charge. They come in red, green and blue. You'll never see a quark all by itself cuz they stick together with a strong force glue. Quarks carry electric charge. A fraction of electricity. Quarks combine together so the total charge is a multiple of unity! An up, up down makes a proton for a total charge of plus one. A down, up, down makes a DUD neutron! Physics is so much YUM YUM PHUN! (refrain)

    14. Part 2: E&M and Light Songs

    15. The Freaky Wave  http://www.scientainment.com/shopcd.htm Written and Performed by Lynda Williams Ocean Wave, Sound Wave, Light Wave, Shock Wave, Radio Wave, Microwave, Heat Wave, Brain Wave.... A wave is a wiggle in space and time like an ocean wave it moves up and down. Repeating in cycles of up and down. The up is called the CREST and the TROUGH is the down. The wavelength is the distance from crest to crest or trough to trough. (Into a puddle rain drops drop and water waves roll off....) A wave carries energy as it goes. Sound waves make air molecules rock and roll. To and fro and to and fro, from speaker to ear that's how they go! Sound waves make air molecules rock and roll! The frequency is the rate that sound waves make air molecules shake! The higher the freq the higher the pitch and the faster the molecules twitch! The bigger the bell the longer the wavelength and the slower the air shakes! The smaller the bell the shorter the wavelength and the faster the air shakes! Tune into my frequency and do the freaky wave with me! Sound waves make me rock and roll! Up and down and to and fro! Microwaves cook your casserole making water molecules rock and roll! Wave it up! Heat it up! Eat it up! Physics! Mmmmmmmmmm.... Yum! Yum!

    16. What medium does light travel through? The Ether Song, Walter Smith and Marian McKenzie http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/ether.htm My name is Michelson, Albert Michelson. Long ago I was full of pride -- I thought I knew just what I wanted -- Thought I could find it and more beside. Refrain: Ether, ether, luminiferous ether, Ether, ether, where’d you go? I found a partner, a physics partner. Edward Morley was his name. We set out to measure the ether. We set out to find our fame. (Refrain) The harder we measured, the less we found it. It was supposed to be all around. We finally published, though we didn’t want to -- We finally said it could not be found. (Refrain) So gather ye students, ye physics students, Now that you’ve heard my tale of how I spent a lifetime searching for the ether-- I couldn’t find it, it’s your turn now. (Refrain) “Disclaimer: While it took decades for Michelson to accept the results of his famous experiment, it would be wrong to think that he languished in obscurity. He is widely regarded as one of the most skillful experimental physicists ever, and received the Nobel prize in 1907.”

    17. Maxwell to the rescue! Maxwell’s Equations in a Vacuum http://www.scientainment.com/songs.html Linda Williams

    18. Doppler Shifting http://www.astrocappella.com/doppler.shtml AstroCappella Susan cruisin' down the freeway doing seventy-eight (go speed racing, go speed racing) She just likes to drive fast, it's not that she's late (no tail-gating, no tail gating) Goes over a hilltop and what a surprise (too late sister, you're in for it now) Blue and red flashing lights right in front of her eyes Nee nee nee nee nee nee nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Now Susan's standing by the side of her car (show me your licence, you're in big trouble) Trucks blowing right by her but she's not going far (they're still cruisin', Susan's losin') She's been caught by a speed trap, and now she can hear (here comes the physics, you're in for it now) Sound of the Doppler Shift right in her ear Eeeeeeeeeeeeee-owwwwwwwwww

    19. Doppler Shifting http://www.astrocappella.com/doppler.shtml That's the Doppler Shift - you've heard it I know Doppler Shift - first it's high then it's low The good cop's gun shoots out only radar And the beam bounces back off bad Susan's car And assuming the policeman is standing in range His gun tells him all about the frequency change Then Susan's walking, walking Her speed racing days are done They're light years away, man, and that's pretty far (lightspeed's the limit, the big speed limit) But there's plenty we can learn from the light of a star (split it with a prism, there's little lines in it) By looking at the spectrum at the light that's glowing (wavelengths of emission, measured with precision) Its Doppler Shift will tell us if it's coming or going Doo doo doo doo doo-ooo That's the Doppler Shift - you see it, it's true Doppler Shift - to the red or the blue http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~wright/doppler.htm

    20. Doppler Shifting http://www.astrocappella.com/doppler.shtml When a star is approaching and it's coming our way Its spectrum seems bluer, won't you hear what I say And when a star's retreating way out of range And the scientist measures its frequency change Well that's a redshift, redshift If the star is moving away By reading Doppler Shifts of all we see in the skies (clusters of galaxies, near and far) We get the big picture and a big surprise (redshifts going, redshifts going) The Universe is growing and expanding away (galaxies are speeding, speeding away) But maybe gravity will shrink it back some day Owwwwwwwwwwwww-eeeeeeeeeee Doppler Shift - to the red or the blue Doppler Shift - and our shift's overdue Now blueshifts come and redshifts go And that's pretty much everything you need to know Now we're gonna pick up Susan and give her a ride So you guys remember Doppler, and you drive to survive And now we're shifting, shifting And our Doppler song is done

    21. Part 3: Astronomy Songs

    22. High Energy Groove Chorus: X Rays, Gamma Rays, high energy Hot stars, heavy stars, high density Quasars, black holes, supernovae Powerhouses lighting up the Galaxy Flashing, bursting, pulsing objects we could see If we had X-ray eyes, if we had X-ray eyes Going up the spectrum, repeat after me Radio, infrared, visible, UV Keep going all the way what do you see? That's X-rays, gamma rays, high energy An X-ray photon has a high frequency Which means a shorter wavelength than you could ever see X-rays come from various processes Like a cloud of gas above about a million degrees Or magnetic fields that send electrons swarming like bees Or even neutron stars emitting like black bodies And you get X-rays from star stuff that came near to and fell Into a black hole's gravitational potential well http://www.astrocappella.com/groove.shtml

    23. If we flew above the atmosphere and looked out at the skies And if we could do it with X-ray eyes We'd see more flashing and popping than you realize Objects winking on and off like fireflies The X-ray sky isn't calm and quiet It's more like a rockin' high energy riot (Chorus) X-rays can show you the roots of your teeth Shine them through your body see the bones underneath But don't go thinking that we X-ray the stars 'Cause they're billions of miles away, much too far! We collect all the X-rays that they send to Earth Telling tales of star death, giving hints of star birth Here's a story of a pair of stars called Cygnus X-1 One's a black hole many times the mass of the Sun With a disk of gas surrounding it, spiralling in Sucked from the companion star's outermost skin We see the high-speed flickering as star stuff flies in A one way trip beyond the event horizon http://sci.esa.int/science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=32700

    24. A cosmic lighthouse flashes in space It's an X-ray pulsar with a regular pace A neutron star 30 miles around at best Spinning 'round its axis once a second or less Then way beyond the Milky Way the active galaxies Are the furthest biggest things our X-ray eyes can see Point your X-ray specs toward the Sun's location You'll notice that along with its slow rotation You'll see active loops and plasma arcs In a solar dance producing X-ray sparks The X-ray Sun isn't serene and smooth It's a dynamic and changing High Energy Groove (Chorus) http://glast.gsfc.nasa.gov/public/science/pulsars.html http://www.solarviews.com/raw/sun/xsun.jpg

    25. Grote Reber by Paul Shuch http://www.qsl.net/n6tx/poetry/setisong/reber.htm Grote submitted his results for peer review To the Astrophysics Journal, though he knew That without a Ph.D. they'd be skeptical, but he Would be vindicated in a year or two. Every astrophysics expert had his say. They rejected Reber's radio Milky Way, For the signals he depicted very clearly contradicted Every cosmologic theory of the day. Now Grote Reber he was never one to mope, And he always could maintain a sense of hope. As the generations passed, he acquired an image vast As the father of the radio telescope. A radio ham in Wheaton, Illinois, Grote Reber he was quite a busy boy When he built himself a dish 'bout as big as you could wish And he showed the world that it was not a toy. Reber's mother was a teacher, and Miss Grote, On occasion taught a juvenile of note. One who never gave her trouble was the brilliant Eddie Hubble, And that surely was an influence on Grote. Reber pointed his antenna at the sky, And as countless constellations drifted by He recorded in dB all the signals he could see And became the first to map the Milky Wye. http://adc.gsfc.nasa.gov/mw/mmw_images.html

    26. Doing the Supernova Bounce Kepler's Supernova Remnant by Arthur Roberts http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/roberts/1985/roberts1985.htm http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2004/kepler/index.html

    27. M A S S I V EMath And Science Songs “The MASSIVE database contains information on over 2000 science and math songs. Some of these songs are suitable for 2nd graders; others might only appeal to professors. … Some are quite silly; others are downright serious.” http://www.science-groove.org/MASSIVE/ Massive Radio channel on Live365.com