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When a Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary PowerPoint Presentation
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When a Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

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When a Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary
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When a Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

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  1. In the time where technology and medicinal variations were not yet made, people always attributed the diseases to dental infections. Antibiotics weren't made yet so they make use of tooth extraction to cure the disease. As years go by, different tools were invented and developed to further achieve what dentists are using as of today. While others do not typically go right away with tooth extraction, there are cases that a tooth extraction is the only thing to do.

  2. Extra tooth We commonly see teens have an extra tooth. Others can eventually get rid of these extra teeth because they can simply fall out and won't bother to consult a dentist. But as time passes by, if it is not removed, it can actually block permanent tooth from coming in. Those who also have extra tooth can experience discomfort and pain. That's why it is advised to be removed through tooth extraction.

  3. Space for permanent tooth When babies grow, there will be a time that their tooth should fall out. If the tooth doesn't fall out eventually, there will be a need for extraction.

  4. Wrong Orthodontic Treatment In circumstances that there is a need for straightening and moving the teeth to achieve a better appearance, orthodontic treatment is likely to be made. Although it can be a good way to attain dental results, these treatments often lead to extraction of a tooth. If there is a misalignment, the San Clemente dentist needs to perform tooth extraction to create space for that misaligned tooth.

  5. Prevent further infection This must be the common reason why tooth extraction is likely to occur. If one does have a decayed or damaged tooth, an infection may cause a severe pain. Infection can also spread eventually and there's nothing left to do but to remove the teeth.

  6. In the said cases, there are two types of extractions that can be made. Those are simple and surgical extractions. With regards to simple extraction, dentists usually use an elevator to loosen the tooth. Afterwards, the dentist will use forceps for totally extracting the tooth. The procedure is not costly so one can afford it. On the other hand, surgical extractions are made whenever the teeth are not accessible or clearly visible. An instance like when the tooth is broken under a gum line is subject to surgical extraction. The dentist must make a small incision and remove a part of the bone surrounding the teeth. In that way, there will be a clear picture of what should only be extracted.

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