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Things Not to Miss While in Iceland

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Things Not to Miss While in Iceland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iceland is a European country that consists of a number of islands situated in the Northern section of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Iceland is a European country that consists of a number of islands

situated in the Northern section of the Atlantic Ocean. The country

has a population of around 350,000 inhabitants and a surface area

of 103,000 square kilometers. The capital of the city is Reykjavík and

it is the largest city in the country that is often visited by many

travelers who tour Iceland. Today we would be shedding some lights

on the most important places to visit while in Iceland.


The Gullfoss Waterfalls

Nicknamed as the golden waterfalls because if the tourists who travel to Iceland

visit the waterfalls in a sunny day, the waterfalls are coated in the golden

color. Several travel packages to Iceland include a visit to the Gullfoss


The Gullfoss waterfalls tell the legendary story of a girl who used to own the

waterfalls in the 20th century. When some investors bought the area, they

wanted to build electric energy plants there. However, the girl disagreed but

when they ignored her, she walked bear foot for 120 kilometers. When she

arrived, her feet were badly bleeding. This formed a huge public campaign

against the building of the energy plants that succeeded at the very end.

Tourists spending their vacations in Iceland would visit the memorial of this

girl located near the waterfalls.


The Geyser Volcano

This is an amazing natural phenomenon that amazes travelers who

tour Iceland. The water goes deep under the ground for more

than 2000 meters and then due to the high temperature, the

water raises above the ground for more than 70 meters causing

a majestic sound. This is among the places tourists should never

miss while enjoying their holidays in Iceland.


The Blue Lagoon

This is an artificial lake that has a distinctive temperature of 40 degrees.

This makes it a wonderful spot for swimming all year long. Swimmers

can view ice and snow all year long in the Blue Lagoon that attracts

hundreds of tourists to spend their vacations in Iceland. There are

some local markets in the area as well for those travelers who are fond

of shopping.


The Northern Lights

This is a marvelous strange natural phenomenon that can be viewed in

Finland, Norway, and Iceland. Due to the wind that is filled with ions

that hit the pole of the earth, distinctive green rays of light appear.

This is in addition to the pink, white, yellow, and red colors. Such

fabulous natural scenes attract travelers from various regions around

the world to spend their vacations in Iceland.

The best season to view this Northern Lights is between September and

March due to the good weather of this period of the year. Many

travelers who tour Iceland would go for this non-forgettable journey to

view these magnificent lights.


Lake Mývatn

Another marvelous natural area where tourists who enjoy their holidays

in Iceland usually explore is the Lake Mývatn. The lake has a surface

area of around 36 square kilometers with a depth of 5 meters. The lake

is popular for bird watching and for viewing the largest collection of

various types of ducks in the whole world. The blue color of the lake,

the sounds and sights of birds and ducks, and the whole ambience,

make it a wonderful sea journey in Iceland.


The Thingvellir

National Park

A visit to the ThingvellirNational park is a wonderful chance for travelers

who tour Iceland to understand the various cultural, historical, and

geological aspects of Iceland. The most remarkable feature of this

national park is that it is situated in two continents; part of it is in

Europe, while the other part is in America. A visit to the park is often

included in many travel packages to Iceland.


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