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The Presence of High-Quality Images in E-Commerce

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The Presence of High-Quality Images in E-Commerce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Presence of High-Quality Images in E-Commerce

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Presentation Transcript
The Presence of High-Quality

Images in E-Commerce

The majority of us fully embraced online shopping to our

convenience and due to this. The ladder of online

buying continues to climb. For marketers, this is actually

a good news as they engage online to be able to sell

their products and services. But as online shopping gets

popular, the competition between retailers gets tougher.

That is why they have to come up with something to

impress their consumers. But as new technologies are

introduced, retailers have to step up their game in

providing the best user experience because consumers

or shoppers expectations continue to rise.

But still, one thing never stops surprising the consumers

and istock promo code knows just the thing to keep

consumers coming. Istock promo code is a website fully

designed for istock photo consumers. With istock promo

code, clients can attain great promos as they purchase

quality images for their business needs.

Yes, pictures never fail to wow every consumer in the face

of the earth. According to a certain study made by Live

Person, almost 56% of engaged online consumers

immediately stop the buying process every time they

see a lack of provided pieces of information. That is why

high-quality images are needed in order to attract

consumers in making a buying decision.

But what makes a good image in e-commerce?

Telling whether a photo is with the highest quality is a

complex thing to do. We have to observe the following,

composition, the photo clarity, its brightness, strong

contrast, and it should have a clean and uniform


See? It’s a complex process to do. To help out striving

retailers out there here is a guide that could help them

identify or analyze their product images.

Product Images should have multiple shots.

As a retailer, they must invest in a high-quality looking photos to

make sure that they are closely monitoring their product

consistency. Besides, online consumer’s value websites with

high quality and multiple product shots as long as it’s being

delivered in a consistent manner.

• As a small retailer, they should follow the big brands.

Every product go perfectly with a white background, this is

highly true when It comes to fashion. That is why all huge

companies or brands present their products with a white

background for a high consistency.

Choice of an image can make a huge difference when it comes

to SEO ranking.

By optimizing their images for the search engine, retailers can

ensure their success in e-commerce without a doubt.

These are only the top 3 but they are more guideline when it

comes to checking an image quality in e-commerce. So,

retailers should not lose their hope as they swim in the waters

of competition.

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