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How to extend the life of your favorite shoes

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How to extend the life of your favorite shoes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knowing the proper way of caring for your shoes is very important. Below is the list on how to extend the life of your favorite shoes:

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How to Extend the Life of

Your Favorite Shoes

We all know how hard to find the perfect pair of shoes that fits our

style and needs. So, when you finally find the best one, it’s natural

that you want to extend the life of your new found favorite shoes.

After finding the winning shoes that fits you, it’s critical that you give

them an extra care and protection when wearing it. Remember that

different types of shoes require different ways of caring, your

beautiful brand new white LED shoes don't need a leather shoe


Knowing the proper way of caring for your shoes is very important.

Below is the list on how to extend the life of your favorite shoes:

Weatherproof your shoes often. Protect your boots and shoes from rain;

give your favorite shoes a spritz with clean water and stain protector prior

to initial wear to guard them against watermarks and grimes. Repeat

process every few wears for ideal and even better protection.

Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Extending the life of

your shoes can be easy by doing some preventive care. Before you hit

the dirty streets with your new pair of leather-soled shoes, have a saver

sole or anti-slip sole put on.

Always use the shoe bags that came with your shoes. By keeping your

shoes in a soft bag between wears, you can able to prevent some

structural damage and possible scuff marks if you will not store it


Know what you can do at home and what you can’t. For fixes like

stretching or anything to do with the soles, you may feel that you need to

bring your shoes to a professional to avoid costly mistake that can ruin

the beauty of your favorite shoe. However, there are few preventives that

you can do fix your shoes all by yourself. From polish touch up pens and

leather conditioner to water and stain protector you can use them to fix or

repair shoe damage.

Rotate your shoes. In able to protect your shoes from possible damage,

try not to wear the same pair of shoes day after day. It’s natural that you

always use certain shoes because it’s your favorite pair of shoes, but it’s

always better to rotate them with another pair of shoes in able to

preserve their original beauty.

Your shoes are one of your investments that you need to take care of to

make their life longer. Following these shoe caring tips can help you

lengthen the life and beauty of your favorite shoes.

light up shoes: