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Renewable energy

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Renewable energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renewable energy. Hydro. Wind. Biomass. Solar. Solar Photovoltaic Systems. (PV). Objectives: At the end of this session you will: understand the basic working principles of solar photovoltaic systems

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Renewable energy







At the end of this session you will:

  • understand the basic working principles of solar photovoltaic systems
  • Identify the different types of components that are needed for solar photovoltaic systems

Solar Photovoltaic Systems – Introduction

In basic terms a solar photovoltaic system uses solar cells to convert light energy from the sun into electricity.

  • Solar cells are semiconductors -typically silicon. A group of solar cells is known as a solar photovoltaic module
  • Photons in sunlight hit the cells and are absorbed.
  • Negatively charged electrons within the cell come loose from their atoms.
  • They flow through the cell to produce electricity.
  • The electricity produced is direct current (d.c.)

Solar Photovoltaic Systems – Basic System Categories

Solar photovoltaic systems fall into two basic system categories:

‘on-grid’ systems

‘off-grid’ systems


Electricity Producing Technologies

Solar Photovoltaic Systems - ‘on-grid’ system layout

Please note that due to the awareness only nature of this course , some system components are not shown.

This is not an installation diagram.


Electricity Producing Technologies

Solar Photovoltaic System Components

A group of solar photovoltaic modules is known as an solar photovoltaic array.

Solar photovoltaic array

The inverter is the system component that converts the direct current (d.c.) to alternating current (a.c).



Electricity Producing Technologies

The consumer unit or fuse board as it is sometimes referred to is used to as the connection point for the solar photovoltaic system installation.

A generation meter is fitted to record how much solar generated electricity has been exported to the supply grid.


Lets have a re-cap.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems (PV)